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Underwriting requires in-depth, time-intensive risk evaluation and data management. In many cases the analysis involved in making a decision can take more than 2-3 weeks. With an appropriate software product development company digital solution, the process of data collection from disparate external and internal sources can be automated to significantly reduce the time needed to complete underwriting.

insurance product development software

We engineer cloud-based Document Management Software Solutions with custom logic and search capabilities for easy policy, contract, and licensing database management. We customize document capture software that connects directly with your DMS to streamline paperwork processes and enhance documentation security. Choose trading platform software development to build state-of-the-art software for stock exchange and related activities. We leverage artificial intelligence, build hard-to-crack algorithms, and visualize analytics to help users monitor, predict, and bid securely. Devspiration partnered with our core development team and became an integral part of our engineering efforts on the first release of our SaaS product. They quickly adopted our in-house standards and culture, and provided cutting edge development on new technologies that our team did not have expertise using at the time.

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Wesurance is a UK-based Insurtech company that offers a platform for insurance companies and brokers to create and sell Insurance eCommerce. Build digital insurance without IT assistance using a drag-and-drop platform. The key is to conduct thorough research and keep a sensible budget for your digital transformation products or solutions. A defined digital transformation budget will enable you to operate within your means. It will encourage you to look for creative solutions to bypass any obstacles you might face along the way.

insurance product development software

If you are looking to develop or update your software for arising customer needs, our cost-efficient and innovative software development company will create custom insurance software that is just what you need. Our insurance software development service is backed by InsurAware, an organization helmed by insurance warhorses with a combined executive experience of 75 years. In the current disruption, our partnership provides the much-needed grounding force and direction you need to reinvent your line of business. The shift from policy-centric to people-centric insurance delivery demands an end-to-end transformation of the life insurance value chain. We offer the full spectrum of custom insurance software development services required to bring this to action.

Key purposes of insurance product development life cycle

We destroy the hard-drives, unplug the servers, and erase all trace of the work done! We are happy to offer support and maintenance at any stage of your insurance software development process, even once everything is complete. We are even willing to become your long-term partner of choice and a center of excellence that supports your business activities on a regular basis.

Changes in the marketplace happen quickly, and we use sophisticated technology and statistical models to provide support that includes managing the operational and financial facets of your products. We also have deep experience helping carriers integrate their products with policy management software upgrades and changes. Automated claims management, along with an easier, faster way to view health insurance plans and sign insurance policies are just some features that would make clients’ lives much easier. The easier it gets to interact with medical insurers, the more people will seek to sign up.

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Namely, insurers just need to create rules and prepare policies to help the software automatically execute the needed operations that bring down potential human errors and allow to avoid tons of manual operations. Continuous improvement of the existing products to bolster the market position. Insurers can generate and act upon meaningful risk insights by deploying intelligent analytics solutions powered byML and AI.

insurance product development software

Commitment to success requires involvement from both business and technical organizations. Since completing its digital transformation initiative, AXIS has retired roughly half of its existing products — taking 80 to 42, with an ultimate goal of 86 products. The carrier grouped products by commonality in order to market them more efficiently and cut cost and delivery time by 75%. Now, most products are on the Duck Creek Platform, available for analysis and underwriting insights so AXIS can create automated decisioning. Companies rely on Milliman to stay current on the latest innovations and trends to help deliver market-leading products that balance profitability and cost competitiveness. We can serve as your outsourced product-development department or provide tactical support to your design team with analytics, modeling, marketing assistance, and more.


But after discussing plans with developers (step #1), exploring business analysis (step #2), and receiving an MVP with only basic tools (step #4), employees realized that they don’t need other costly extensions. While ready apps may be useful for some businesses, a lot of not-as-traditional companies will get more benefits from custom products. Thus, it’s better to know how your program is developed to be able to leave feedback or request some changes. Read through the next sections to educate yourself about insurtech systems, their advantages, and the stages of SDLC. Big Bang is all about no feature requirements as clients don’t realize which software they want to get.

  • Simply put, insurtech is about developing software used by insurance companies that need automating daily workflow, reducing costs, increasing customer satisfaction, and boosting overall efficiency.
  • We provide fintech app development services to help established financial companies and startups develop innovative fintech solutions for tax handling, wealth management, due diligence, financial monitoring, business analytics, and more.
  • Your insurance business also gets lots of opportunities to prevent fraud by monitoring the payout lists in real-time and granting diverse authorization levels within any claim amount.
  • Historically, insurance product development has been relatively slow and methodical, where it can take a carrier months or even longer from start to launch.
  • From personalized offerings to faster service, customers want better from life insurance.
  • From business analysis to release and post-release maintenance, our team will support you at every stage of the development cycle.
  • We allocate a dedicated team as an agile pod that covers all job roles in your project.

Now that the insurance industry is tackling legacy systems, it’s opportune to address legacy ways of working. The seemingly never-ending aftermath of Covid 19’s impact to working environments is still very much unsettled. Team collaboration, especially given insurance carriers’ highly specialized and siloed constructs, is imperative when it comes to developing new products. In fact, the speed and efficiency of development cycles is a direct outcome of how well departments and people collaborate, move and approve work, make decisions and move the ball forward.

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Companies that create private accounts for their clients are rewarded with higher loyalty because users can control their policies, compare plans, and get more flexibility. By surrounding clients with native software both for web and mobile devices, you can optimize UX even more. It’s based on a comprehensive plan of all development stages which should be approved before the process starts. Blockchain Innovative blockchain-based software to ensure higher security and faster services. Insurance We have more than ten years of experience in custom software engineering for insurance.