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The Chinese nation has always been a nation that is not afraid of difficulties and rises up to it. Our China has survived the SARS epidemic in 2003 and the great earthquake in 2008, at the beginning of the new year. Vientiane should have been updated to celebrate the year of the rat, but the new pneumonia virus The emergence of has become another major difficulty.

On the front line of the epidemic

Difficulties At present, people across the country are deeply concerned about the progress of the epidemic, and under the leadership of the party and the government, actively make contributions to the prevention and control of the epidemic. Our Lingzhi Technology also actively responded to the prevention and control of the epidemic, and put the new hydrogen peroxide disinfection robot developed in cooperation with the partner company on the front line of the epidemic, and applied it to actual disinfection work, which played a positive role in the prevention and control of the epidemic.

“Disinfection” is an important part of the epidemic prevention and control work. However, the actual disinfection is not only inefficient, but also difficult to ensure the thoroughness of disinfection and the personal safety of personnel. Today’s epidemic situation urgently needs the support of such technological products. At present, autonomous mobile disinfection robots obviously have better disinfection adaptability.



Deep into the epidemic area

Disadvantages of traditional stationary disinfection equipment:

1Uneven sterilization: There are many dead corners and gaps in the space, which cannot be thoroughly disinfected

2Low level of informatization: high rate of underreporting infection control personnel management

3Insufficient understanding of infection: There is still a big gap compared with the current needs of epidemic prevention and control

Compared with traditional methods, autonomous mobile disinfection robots have obvious advantages. A disinfection machine with a robot as a carrier generates disinfection gas in the disinfection system inside the robot, and can realize autonomous navigation and autonomous movement in an unmanned environment, and efficiently and accurately perform 360° no dead angle disinfection and epidemic prevention in the room.

It can simulate the ability of humans to move freely, replace people in the epidemic area, reduce the possibility of the spread of human infection, and is suitable for the actual application of current or future disinfection work.



Effective disinfection work

Faced with the outbreak of the new coronavirus from Wuhan to the whole country, we urgently need to be more precise, more effective and safer in prevention and control, disinfection, and sterilization.

Lingzhi Technology has powerful robot technology and more efficient disinfection products. The autonomous mobile disinfection robot integrates VHPS® dry sterilization technology, machine vision, and laser navigation technology. In the sterilization and disinfection, it can achieve complete coverage and efficient jetting. , High sterilization rate. In addition, it also has an air purification function, which can be used as an integrated disinfection robot for disinfecting and purifying air. The safe and efficient disinfection function of the autonomous mobile disinfection robot has been effectively used in the epidemic prevention, control and disinfection work.

Lingzhi has served many customers

Provide core hardware

The autonomous mobile disinfection robot received extremely high feedback during its release and use, and played a practical role in epidemic prevention and control. Customers report that its application can better prevent nosocomial infections, disinfect thoroughly and quickly, and can properly handle sanitary corners.It not only protects the health of the staff, but also effectively prevents the spread of various pathogens in the hospital, improves the success rate of the rescue of critically ill patients, and reduces the mortality rate. In the prevention, control and disinfection of the epidemic, replacing real people in the ward, thoroughly and quickly disinfection, not only solved the problem of shortage of front-line personnel, but also reduced the risk of infection transmission and made a positive contribution.

Fight the virus      

The entire country is still under intense epidemic prevention and control work, and Lingzhi Technology is doing its part as a technology research and development company. With the original aspiration to pray for the safety of the people, adhere to the mission of responsibility, combine the latest scientific and technological strength and cooperate with outstanding companies to jointly develop disinfection robots, and do their best for this and the future disinfection prevention and control work.

Natural disasters are ruthless, and there is great love in the world. Lingzhi Technology will work together to contribute the greatest strength to the prevention and control of this epidemic, and hope to become a solid arm of the people and give them peace of mind.