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Face recognition avoids cross infection, black technology brings strong experience

Citizens use toothpicks and napkins to press the elevator, which has become the latest local lifestyle during the Spring Festival. However, after the elevator buttons are “lit”, more button and handle touch infections may not be prevented. How can they be broken? In fact, there is no need for earthy taste, face recognition can provide long-term solutions from the perspective of black technology.

Contact-free, has become a user’s immediate need

The mask man Xiao Wang was very worried, returning from his hometown, he entered the community for fear of being blocked by the door. The community is too large, and it is difficult for the guards to recognize every resident, let alone wearing a mask. The new license plate has not been entered into the system, not to mention all kinds of contacts are risky.

Wouldn’t it be better if you could directly recognize face recognition without contact? Xiao Wang’s dream of contact-free has actually been realized.

Lingzhi focuses on building a safe community in life, providing a complete set of solutions from door locks, access control, gates, and in-community monitoring, including corresponding face recognition, object recognition, and gesture recognition modules.


Lingzhi face recognition intelligent access, intelligent access control products

When entering the residential area, you can open the door by swiping your face through the face recognition gates, without having to touch the front of the property, you can also take off the mask in an open environment to breathe freely; enter the elevator, face recognition, go straight to the floor without touching any buttons; When entering the house, the door lock with face recognition directly avoids close contact with the door handle…

Lingzhi face recognition smart building access control and gate system

All the way to home, the whole process of face recognition is free of contact, and there is no need to worry about recognition errors caused by mask indentation. For the current urban population, such a scene can not only be used in housing but also in office scenes. Come for a strong experience of safety.



Face recognition, scene expansion is hatching

In fact, Lingzhi has been actively deploying smart community solutions in recent years. At the 2019 World Artificial Intelligence Conference, Lingzhi’s self-developed face recognition door lock supports multiple door opening methods such as face, IC card, password, mobile phone QR code, and mechanical key. It also uses a large wide-angle camera to identify different For tall users, diversified “unlocking” methods have gained widespread attention in the industry.

Industry insiders pointed out that “touch-free experience” has become a rigid demand nowadays, and will form a new outlet driven by a strong user experience in the future. The smart community solution laid out earlier by Lingzhi, relying on edge algorithms, realizes the new features of local storage, efficient and secure verification in a network-free environment. In addition to lower cost and more competitive, it can also be applied more. In outdoor scenes where the network is unstable or there is no network, more contact-free expansion possibilities are formed.

Edge computing can be used in many scenarios. For example, with the current face recognition payment and poor network environment, information update will be delayed, which will bring risks to the current non-contact and rigid needs. The edge algorithm independently developed by Lingzhi can solve this pain point. As a result, Lenovo can provide solutions with a huge number of scenarios.


There are traces, black technology focuses on scalability

The biggest difference between smart and smart learning algorithms is that they can use localized applications and can be trained with a few samples. The local algorithm does not need to connect to the server, so three advantages are naturally born, low cost, real-time and privacy.

In terms of channel expansion, Lingzhi has successively cooperated with the public security bureaus in Shanghai, Wuhan and Fuzhou. For the police, security is the most important module.

In terms of scenario expansion, Lingzhi has derived more directions in smart community solutions. For example, external visitors can be identified through QR codes, and some owners apply for QR codes for visitors in advance to achieve the actual effect of contact-free access.

In the future, Lingzhi will use smart life and robots as the core breakthrough point. And our team’s service awareness and quick response ability will be the best help to take off on the wind.