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[Special Report on Anti-epidemic] The “Highlight Moment” of Spirit to People

In 2020, a sudden epidemic continues to raging. A hot topic appeared on Zhihu: “What can technology companies do in the face of the epidemic? “Mobile disinfection robots” is the answer. In order for our robots to support the epidemic area as soon as possible, we work overtime to purchase materials. We race against time to arrange production, we forget to sleep, assemble and debug, we do our best to support the frontline, and we use practical actions to interpret the responsibility and responsibility of Lingzhi.

In this [anti-epidemic special report], please join me in the story behind the disinfection robot, approach every “spirit to human” who provides support for the frontline anti-epidemic, and pay tribute to them together!

Under the epidemic situation, it belongs to the “shining moment” of Lingzhi people

After sacrificing all the rest days in February, Dagang sent materials back and forth, arranged product delivery, and immediately went to the customer’s site to deal with the problem after lunch was solved in a hurry. Dagang fought every night until after 10 o’clock.

Affected by the epidemic situation, the original cooperative manufacturer could not start work as usual, so ah Zhen had to find a new manufacturer urgently; due to the regional traffic control, the materials could not be delivered on time, so ah Zhen had to catch up with the progress of materials; the ring of her mobile phone rang almost every half an hour. While paying attention to the progress of materials, ah Zhen had to take care of her two children.

From the day of receiving the project task, Ma Jie has not been home for several consecutive days. It was two o’clock in the morning when the commissioning of another batch of equipment was finished. The whole office building was empty. As usual, Ma Jie took a break on the sofa and then put herself back to work the next day.
Limited by the site, a Jian from the office window external power supply, outdoor assembly. From the outside of the building to the staff dormitory and then to the customer’s site, in order to complete the chassis assembly as soon as possible, ah Jian kept changing positions. During this period, he had to carry heavy assembly materials manually for many times. It was often late at night after the chassis assembly was completed.

They are the “smart people” who stick to their posts behind the disinfection robot products. Under the shadow of the epidemic, they have been fighting hard for days to help the epidemic area, and interpret the responsibility and responsibility of Lingzhi with practical actions. This is the “highlight moment” of Lingzhi people.

Pay tribute to the “Lingzhi people” who have provided strong support for the front-line anti epidemic

Our vision and mission is to provide reliable intelligent service robots and build the future world with intelligent robots.

Now, our disinfection robots have been put into use in the anti epidemic front line of Wuhan and Shanghai. Thank you for the unremitting efforts of all “Lingzhi people” and your persistence and responsibility. You are the superheroes of Lingzhi.