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Lingzhi Technology assists the construction of the smart community of Suzhou Xiangman Yayuan, which is highly recognized by the society

At the beginning of November 2018, General Secretary Xi Jinping visited Shanghai’s Hongkou District Civic Station and had a cordial conversation with residents and emphasized that the “last mile” of urban governance lies in the community. Under the guidance of this important instruction spirit, Lingzhi applied the “smart community” solution to the Xiangman Yayuan community in Wuzhong District, Suzhou City to address the problems of extensive management, poor information, and lagging services in community governance. This measure has been highly recognized by relevant departments and all sectors of society.

Since June, leaders at all levels in Suzhou have successively visited the Lingzhi “Smart Community” project in the Xiangman Yayuan community in Suzhou.

On July 3, the Deputy Mayor of Suzhou City and the Changjiang River from the Municipal Public Security Bureau visited the Xiangman Yayuan community, accompanied by the Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Jiangling Sub-district, to investigate the application of Lingzhi in the construction of “smart communities”.


Smart access control system

Lingzhi configures an intelligent access control system for the Xiangman Yayuan community to realize the intelligent system management of the entrance and exit of the community and unit buildings.

As the “micro bayonet” of the community, the intelligent access control system includes the actual application of face recognition and vehicle recognition systems. Relying on this system, the community has enriched the basic database of people, cars, and houses, and realized the maximum realization of replacing manpower with machines and Intelligently increase efficiency, and through the interconnection with the Suzhou Public Security Smart Police Platform, successfully constructed a community floating population management system with predictive warning and precise guidance.

Leaders of Suzhou Municipal Bureau experience the convenience brought by smart access control

The intelligent access control system of Lingzhi entrance and exit adopts advanced self-learning face recognition edge algorithm. The high-speed chip is used as the operating hardware platform of the recognition algorithm. Through the collection of ID card information at the entrance and exit, real-time face capture and comparison of the human ID, the combination of human ID is realized. The first verification effectively solves the problem of large daily flow of people entering and leaving the community and difficult to control.

The mayor and office director of Wuzhong District, Suzhou City visited Lingzhi smart access control equipment

The intelligent access control system in the unit building of Lingzhi adopts advanced living body detection and local self-learning facial recognition algorithms, and does not need to be connected to a back-end server, which can effectively protect user privacy. The device is equipped with binocular cameras and has a face photo anti-counterfeiting function. Due to the uniqueness of facial features, it solves the problems of residents forgetting to bring their documents and fraudulent use of others’ documents.

Leaders of Suzhou Municipal Bureau visited Lingzhi smart access control equipment

The face matching degree of Lingzhi smart access control equipment is as high as 99.99%, and the recognition speed is less than 1 second. It can accurately recognize even in the dark and outdoor backlight environment, which brings convenience to residents and improves the safety of the community. management.


Smart community system

Lingzhi fully integrates the actual situation of the community, and customized the “smart community” system for the community based on the current situation of large population mobility, scattered residence, and large workload of basic information collection. The system uses the existing residential population information of the community and residents to enter and exit the community. Time length and other relevant factors, explore the establishment of a demographic analysis map of community residents.

City Bureau leaders visited

Lingzhi “Smart Community” systemLingzhi “Smart Community” system can limit the number of people living in each house by calculating the square meter of the house; it can perform statistical inquiries according to the region, men and women, self-occupation lease, community, and the situation of each building; it can be checked by personnel entry and exit records Peak hours of analysts entering and leaving the community. On the “smart community” data screen, it can visually display the ratio of the gender of the residents in the community, the type of residence, and the age group of the residents, as well as the warning information and processing conditions of the residents of each building. Through the “smart community” system, we can fully grasp the situation of people in the community, and play an active role in combating illegal crimes, public security prevention and control management, and serving the masses.

Lingzhi “Smart Community” solution: the front-end collects faces through smart access control equipment to effectively distinguish the identities of the residents; the mid-end uses the “smart community” system to coordinate the property, with the management of the floating population in the community as the core, and real-time grasp the flow of people in the community The identity information of the residents in the community, etc., has realized the innovation and upgrading of the basic management system of the community.

Deputy Mayor Jiang praised Lingzhi’s “smart community” construction results in the community. The research team stated that the application of Lingzhi Smart Community products makes travel more convenient, safer, and smarter for owners, improves the owners’ community life experience, and also promotes the upgrading of property management to intelligent.

Lingzhi Technology uses new-generation information technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and the Internet of Things to actively explore “smart community” solutions, integrating community property, community services, community security, etc. into an efficient information system to realize community visualization , Digital and intelligent management provide community residents with an efficient, convenient, smart and safe living environment, making people’s lives safer.