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Lingzhi’s new robot chassis shows up, highlights announced in advance!

The outbreak of the new crown epidemic affects the hearts of people all over the world. With the continuous fermentation of the epidemic, reducing personnel contact has become a tacit understanding during the epidemic, and the addition of robots can be described as a charcoal in need. In the quarantine area, the robot achieves “contactless delivery” to ensure people’s safety; in the hospital, mobile robots can replace medical staff to perform all-round disinfection, temperature measurement, cleaning and other tasks, reducing the risk of infection of medical staff.

It is not uncommon for robots to assist people in office and life… The realization of these technologies is inseparable from the intelligent mobility of robots.

As the foundation of robot movement, the chassis plays a vital role in helping the robot realize autonomous movement.

RC35Pro—The “Biped” of the Robot

As a collection of multiple technologies and functions, robots, in addition to some software functions, a large number of important components are assembled on the chassis in the form of hardware.The power of human walking ultimately falls on the feet, while the support for the movement and load of the robot is on the chassis. The RC35Pro intelligent chassis, as the “biped” of the robot, has the characteristics of strong flexibility and low motion noise. It can simulate the ability of humans to walk freely and is an important core component to realize the intelligent mobile function of the robot.


More stable performance

Choose corrosion-resistant materials, which can be adapted even in harsh environments


More power

The use of 6.5-inch drive wheels provides strong power for the operation of the robot and at the same time makes the chassis run more smoothly


Low movement noise

The noise of the whole machine in running state is less than 35db, which does not affect people’s work and life


Strong endurance

Equipped with professional customized batteries with large battery capacity, providing basic guarantee for long battery life


High running accuracy

High-precision encoder motor makes operation more flexible and higher precision


RC35Pro—The “eyes” of the robot

Humans recognize the surrounding environment through their eyes. Similarly, robots also need a pair of “eyes.” The RC35Pro intelligent chassis has the ability to recognize the surrounding environment. Its visual navigation and lidar system are like the GPS of a car, which is equivalent to installing a pair of “eyes” for the robot that can accurately locate in real time, which can recognize and detect the surrounding complex environment in multiple dimensions. Provide efficient guarantee for robot navigation and obstacle avoidance.


Precise navigation

Using laser + vision dual navigation to make path planning better and navigation safer


Professional camera

The front of the device is equipped with a professional camera, through the LAN WIFI/4G/5G network, the tablet terminal APP can be used to realize remote control, achieving real-time data transmission, video transmission, environmental monitoring and other functions


Perfect obstacle avoidance

Using high-resolution cameras and leading vision technology, it can efficiently detect and identify surrounding obstacles, deep potholes on the road, etc.


RC35Pro—The “brain” of the robot

In order to help the robot achieve better intelligent operation, a core center for controlling movement is particularly important. The RC35Pro intelligent chassis acts as the “brain” of the robot. For the robot, the RC35Pro intelligent chassis can analyze and construct a map of the surrounding environment and determine its position on the map (positioning and navigation system), and then issue instructions to plan the path to where it wants to go.


Clever obstacle avoidance

Unique core navigation obstacle avoidance algorithm, which can realize intelligent navigation, obstacle avoidance and other functions


Autonomous mapping

It not only saves time and labor costs, but the most important thing is that in dangerous environments, the mode that does not require human mapping can effectively protect the personal safety of personnel


Precise positioning

Using visual navigation and positioning technology, it can accurately locate your position


route plan

According to the perception of the environment by its own sensors, a safe running route can be planned by itself, and obstacles can be flexibly avoided at the same time


“It can simulate the ability of humans to walk freely, which not only solves our shortage of personnel, but also reduces the risk of infection transmission.”-Medical staff

Lingzhi’s smart chassis equipment is equipped with a new type of hydrogen peroxide disinfection robot, which has been effectively used in the prevention and control of new coronary pneumonia and has made important contributions to epidemic prevention and control. In the feedback of users, its autonomous mobile function Well received.

The RC35Pro smart chassis can not only be equipped with hydrogen peroxide robots, it can also be perfectly adapted to different products, and customized development according to customer requirements, can be applied in rail transit, public places, medical institutions, education industry and other fields.

Lingzhi has been forging ahead on the road of exploration. In the future, we will continue to create more stable, reliable and durable products. Let us wait and see!