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Lingzhi escorts campus safety

In September, the school starts soon!
After a long~long~ holiday,
Finally waited for the Ministry of EducationInstructions for “safe start,
normal start, full start”
But at the same time,
Campus safety issues also follow…
Campus safety is the top priority
In recent years, campus safety accidents have occurred frequently. In September 2019, a school-related criminal case occurred in Chaoyangpo Village, Enshi City, Hubei Province, resulting in the deaths of 8 students and injuries to 2 students, which triggered widespread discussions on campus safety issues.
“How to build a safe campus environment? How to ensure the safety of teachers and students’ study and life?” has become the focus of attention from all walks of life.In the beginning of the school season, there are not only students returning to school, but also parents, teachers, and even some unrelated persons who have entered the school. These people are difficult to distinguish by the naked eye. In order to fully protect the safety of students, in addition to strengthening students’ safety awareness training and enhancing their self-protection capabilities, schools should also strengthen precautions from safety management facilities, so that schools have “smart” discrimination and defense capabilities. Therefore, many schools have introduced artificial intelligence technology to create a safe and smart campus. 
Facial recognition helps schools
At present, face recognition technology has been widely used in the fields of traffic management and community management. In the Suzhou Xiangman Yayuan Smart Community Reconstruction Project, Lingzhi constructed a complete set of smart community system based on the actual situation of the community, realized the intelligent information management of the residents of the community and the floating population, and effectively improved the safety and security of the community. Resident experience has been unanimously recognized by community properties and residents.
The successful implementation of a smart community solution can be replicated and applied to another community, and it can also be analogized to the construction of a safe smart campus. At present, schools have introduced artificial intelligence technology in campus management, and Lingzhi’s face recognition equipment and successful experience in smart community applications are a powerful line of defense to guard campus safety.
Key areas to ensure safety
Safe access management is the first step of campus security. Face recognition access control and gate machines are installed in the entrance and exit of the school gate, administrative building, teaching building and other important areas. When students, teachers and other campus staff pass by, they can automatically capture, verify and check the face information to realize face brushing. It can detect and master the identity information of the entry and exit personnel in real time, effectively prevent the random entry of the idle people into the campus and improve the campus management Efficiency and security.

At the same time, lingzhi’s personal card integration equipment can also be used in the examination room classroom, quickly determine the identity of candidates, improve the efficiency of examination room supervision, and avoid student congestion.

Strict prevention and control of apartment access

In addition to security at the school gate, face recognition equipment can also be installed in student apartments.

“Dormitory key, classroom key, student card With so many keys, I’m afraid I’ll forget to bring them when I go out. ” Xiao Wang from a school in Shanghai complained. But now, his pocket is empty, and he cleans his face easily in front of the door lock, “Di”, the dormitory door opens. Not only that, in addition to the dormitory door, classroom door, library door can be opened. At the same time, the school also uses the backstage system to manage the personnel authority, which greatly improves the security of identity recognition.

Lingzhi face recognition channel gate, entrance guard and door lock equipment can quickly identify the identity information of the in and out personnel, compare with the background identity information, and confirm the school status of students and make real-time statistics on the number of students in school.
To sum up, lingzhi’s face recognition equipment can effectively eliminate the hidden dangers of campus security, strengthen the safety management of the school in many aspects, and provide the school with a comprehensive security guarantee of human, financial and material.

Lingzhi technology escort

At present, all colleges and universities have started school, no matter in primary and secondary schools, or kindergartens, are trying their best to ensure the construction of safe campuses. Lingzhi also hopes that through our efforts, the school will have more security, make students and parents more at ease, and contribute to the society!