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Apple releases iOS14

Improve user privacy

This month, Apple held its first online press conference this year and released the official version of iOS14. Compared with the previous operating system, this version of the system has attracted more attention because it will greatly enhance the protection of user privacy.

When we upgrade Apple mobile phones to iOS14, we will have full decision-making power to keep advertisers who track our personal data away.



Face recognition is widely used

Data security bears the brunt

With the advent of the era of big data and sharing, data security issues have become more and more important. A new generation of technological revolution represented by face recognition has begun. Face recognition technology stands out among a variety of biometric technologies due to its non-replicability, non-contact, scalability, and rapidity. Although face recognition technology is convenient for institutions to observe and manage, new problems will follow. From a technical perspective, human faces are biometric information that can be collected without the active cooperation of users. People brush dozens of faces every day. Second, facing the exposure of personal privacy at any time.

The more “intelligent” artificial intelligence is, the more personal information data needs to be obtained, stored, and analyzed. It can be said that massive amounts of information and data are indispensable “food” for the iterative upgrade of artificial intelligence. Obtaining and processing massive amounts of information and data will inevitably involve the important issue of personal privacy protection. How to balance privacy protection in artificial intelligence applications and ensure safety, reliability, and control has become the focus of current social concern.



Artificial Intelligence Application and Privacy Protection

Not incompatible

Take face recognition door lock access control products as an example. The general face recognition door lock requires the user to take a picture before the door lock, and then the picture is transmitted to the cloud through the network for face recognition, and finally the recognition result is fed back to the door The door can only be opened with a lock. This process takes a long time. Especially in some cases where the network environment is poor or there is no network, the recognition process of traditional algorithms will be slower. In addition, this process still has certain security risks. Face photos are currently very sensitive and belong to the category of personal privacy. Once the data is leaked, it will cause major security risks. Therefore, the protection of face data is particularly important. Compared with traditional algorithms, the edge algorithm independently developed by Lingzhi can perform local storage in a network-free environment without connecting to a server. This not only saves back and forth transmission time, improves efficiency, but also improves security and ensures The user’s privacy is not leaked. Let people enjoy the convenience brought by artificial intelligence and at the same time have more peace of mind.

Today, Lingzhi Technology’s face recognition products have been successfully applied in Suzhou Xiangmanyayuan Community, Pudong Jinqiao Town and other places, effectively solving local safety management issues. Lingzhi has a wealth of experience.



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