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Lingzhi technology appeared in the world artificial intelligence conference, black technology triggered strong repercussions

The three-day 2019 world artificial intelligence conference was held in Shanghai from August 29 to 31. A large number of leading AI enterprises from around the world and more than 80000 professionals from more than 60 countries gathered together to discuss and exchange the most cutting-edge AI technologies. Among them, lingzhi technology, as an outstanding representative of domestic AI enterprises, has displayed a series of black technology products, which has been widely concerned.

Founded in July 2016, Shanghai Lingzhi Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading AI enterprise in China. In a few years, lingzhi technology has accumulated more than 20 invention patents and more than 30 utility model patents. Nowadays, lingzhi technology has made unique achievements in the field of intelligent robot theory and technology, computer vision and pattern recognition, human-computer interaction and multi robot coordination.

It is worth mentioning that Lingzhi technology is also actively promoting the commercial implementation of relevant technologies in the current industry, such as face recognition and autonomous mobile technology, covering many fields such as smart passage, smart home, smart security, etc. At this conference, lingzhi technology demonstrated a series of new products, which made the participants feel the changes brought about by AI technology in our lives.

At this conference, lingzhi technology officially launched another brand-new service robot product sign language robot. This is the first product with sign language recognition function in the industry, which can be widely used in hospitals, banks, convenience service centers and other scenes to provide services for those in need, especially the deaf and dumb groups.

It has been reported in the news that when a middle-aged deaf mute man went to the tax hall for business, due to the difficulties in communication, tax officials could only communicate with him through paper and pen. In fact, in hospitals, banks, offices and other public places, due to the lack of sign language translation help, deaf mute communication problems have always existed. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 20 million deaf mute people in China. In many cases, these deaf mute friends may encounter problems when they go out, but they can’t find help. Take the deaf mute as an example. Hospitals that can provide sign language services generally have a relatively fixed one or two days a week to provide services. Because of the difficulty of communication, more than a dozen doctors and nurses are often sent to see a doctor each time. Therefore, the birth of sign language robot provides great convenience for them. It not only supports multiple versions of sign language recognition, but also has a recognition rate of more than 92%. It can help the deaf mute communicate with people more freely and barrier free, effectively reduce the service cost, improve the service efficiency, and truly take care of more such groups in need.

In addition, the fl08 face recognition lock independently developed by Lingzhi technology also attracted much attention at this conference. It not only supports face, IC card, password, mobile phone two-dimensional code, mechanical key and other door opening methods, but also uses a wide-angle camera to identify users of different heights; in addition, it also configures a dual camera technology based on infrared + image acquisition, so that users can unlock the door normally even in the dark.

It is not difficult to see that Lingzhi technology is not only committed to technological innovation, but also actively applies it to practical products, so as to benefit the majority of users by promoting technology landing. In fact, since its establishment, lingzhi technology has been committed to serving thousands of households with artificial intelligence products, which is the mission of Lingzhi technology to pursue excellence, be brave in taking responsibility and build the future world with artificial intelligence. Through the products of Lingzhi technology, we can actually see the development trend of artificial intelligence technology in the future.

First, AI is still technology driven. However, as the so-called “technology has its own specialty”, AI technology has a wide range of categories. In order to truly realize the industrial landing, we must make breakthroughs in the subdivision fields.

This means that the development of artificial intelligence needs not only comprehensive IT giants such as Huawei, Tencent and Ali, but also rookies with professional advantages like Lingzhi technology, because their performance in AI professional field is not inferior to the above giants. At this conference, lingzhi technology showed us its product scheme in the field of image recognition and biological recognition technology, which undoubtedly reflected the wide application of its technical strength in the subdivision field. This means that for small and medium-sized enterprises, it is more efficient to focus on one point or even several points by using their core advantages.

Secondly, artificial intelligence should continuously strengthen the application of technology, fully let technology go to the ground, and create value for users by constantly enriching application scenarios. At present, most enterprises either stay at the theoretical level, or have a little knowledge of market demand and user experience, resulting in the relevant technology has always been unable to serve the public.

In this regard, Zhang Kejun, CEO of Lingzhi technology, said: “artificial intelligence should be developed around human needs, with the mission of solving the difficulties and problems existing in social development. It includes reducing the labor burden of human beings through machines and improving people’s work efficiency and life happiness. To achieve this, AI enterprises must put themselves in a position to carry out bold innovation and expansion, so as to create technologies and products suitable for people. “

In Zhang Kejun’s view, enterprises must have a deep understanding of market demand and user experience, and carry out technology research and development and innovation pertinently. Only in this way can AI be implemented.

From a series of products such as sign language robot, face recognition lock and so on, it is obvious that from the perspective of people’s daily life, it has found the best way to land ai. Different intelligent products can be created through different application scenarios, so that AI can truly bring people intelligent and convenient experience, which is also the core of AI commercialization.
After years of accumulation, artificial intelligence has entered the “fast track”. Driven by a series of excellent domestic enterprises, artificial intelligence has not only made a major breakthrough in technology, but also gradually reached the product level. The commercial implementation of AI technology has always been a big pain point in the AI industry. Through the 2019 world AI conference, we can see many AI innovative products in education, medical care and industry