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The first innovation and entrepreneurship competition of China’s youth automobile industry is booming, and Lingzhi technology is “creating youth”

At the moment when smart cars are becoming more and more popular, who can take the lead in the whole process.

On September 17, in the finals of the 2019 “Youth” innovation and entrepreneurship competition of China Youth automobile industry, the “intelligent driving” project of Shanghai Lingzhi Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2016, stood out and won the first prize of the entrepreneurial group. Industry insiders pointed out that the key to the success of Lingzhi technology lies in its intelligent driving products based on edge computing vision, which are very forward-looking and practical in the field of artificial intelligence.

It is reported that the “China Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship competition” is a national event sponsored by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and jointly directed by relevant national ministries and commissions, and based on the youth entrepreneurship community in China. It is one of the highest standard Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship competitions in China. The competition focuses on the innovation and Entrepreneurship of the automobile industry, aiming to discover and cultivate a number of excellent innovation and entrepreneurship enterprises, talents and projects in the automobile industry, and build a platform for exhibition and exchange, resource gathering, investment and financing docking.

In the first stage of the competition, the national network audition was conducted, and the competition area trials were conducted in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Liuzhou and other major automobile cities. Finally, 60 projects participated, including Dongfeng Liuzhou Automobile and other auto manufacturers. The competition was carried out around the “new four modernizations” of the automobile industry, including electrification, intellectualization, networking and sharing Components, production lines and equipment, automotive peripheral products, auto finance and auto sales, etc. “5 + 3 + 1” competition system is adopted in the final, i.e. 5 minutes for roadshow, 3 minutes for defense and 1 minute for elaboration of entrepreneurial dream. The “intelligent driving” project of Lingzhi technology, with its edge learning algorithm ahead of the industry, has been highly affirmed by experts attending the competition.

Lingzhi technology is one of the first companies in China to have a fully autonomous edge learning algorithm framework. Its “intelligent driving” is mainly composed of visual navigation automatic parking system and all-weather visual navigation system. At present, it has established cooperation with several automobile enterprises such as China National Automobile Corporation and SAIC Group, and its technical accumulation and practical achievements have entered into an explosive period. In particular, it carries out forward-looking research and development and adaptation for commercial vehicles, freight cars and special vehicles, which are less involved in the current intelligent vehicle manufacturing, which is different from other intelligent vehicle products.

Industry insiders pointed out that “edge algorithm can greatly improve the speed of data response, especially in many application scenarios of artificial intelligence, it is urgent to break the” reaction problem “.

It is the key for Lingzhi technology to stand out in the field of artificial intelligence to break ice according to the industry pain points. It is understood that at present, the visual processing calculation for intelligent vehicles is extremely complex. A set of ads system often costs more than 100000 yuan, and the main control, power supply and signal transmission systems are extremely complex. The cost of Lingzhi is greatly reduced by edge algorithm. The price of AI chip is only one fifth of that of similar products.

“Looking back on entrepreneurship not only has the present hardship, but also has the future poetry and the distance.” Zhang Kejun, CEO of Lingzhi, said when talking about the award: “Lingzhi people are willing to use the hard work of the present to realize the beautiful wish of intelligent driving in the future. Lingzhi hopes to contribute to the country of great craftsmanship, contribute its own technology to the powerful country of science and technology, and hope to become a new business card of the country in the field of artificial intelligence and intelligent driving in the future. “