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Mr.G made a stunning appearance at Shanghai International Industry Fair

Q. What is the hottest industry in 2016? The answer must be robots!
Q. What is the fastest growing field in the robotics industry? The answer must be intelligent service robots!
Q Where is the most advanced technology in the field of intelligent service robots? Let us walk into this year’s International Industry Fair to find out!In the exhibition area of Shanghai Jiaotong University, onlookers were in an endless stream. It turned out that it was a little black gentleman who attracted everyone’s attention.

This little gentleman is Mr.G home intelligent service robot developed by Shanghai Lingzhi Technology Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Jiaotong University!
Mr.G home intelligent service robot showed us its powerful functions as soon as it appeared:

When the owner issues the voice command: “Little G, Little G”, he can automatically detect the location of the sound source; Mr.G can follow the owner’s movement or stop by detecting the owner’s gestures. His powerful face recognition system helps him correctly identify the people he knows. If a stranger likes to take him home too much, he will not go with you!

Mr.G can not only act as the security guard of the family, detect abnormal temperature and smell at home and send out alarms, but also monitor the abnormal behavior of family members and become a personal housekeeper for the lonely elderly. He is also entertaining and entertaining, and integrates a variety of games on the interface. Children will definitely love this family partner!

This Mr.G Black Samurai version of CIIF is his prototype, and more products with cool appearance and cool functions will be unveiled in the future!

Gestures guide robot movement

Mr.G face recognition master

Su Jianbo, chairman of Lingzhi Technology, personally demonstrates robot performance for tourists

From November 1st to 5th, come to the CIIF together to experience the charm of Mr.G!