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Pretty! Ten color combinations of Lingzhi Technology’s first home service robot are the first to see!

Hi everyone, I am Lingzhi Technology’s first smart home service robot. I am here this time to tell you good news. The R&D uncles have already designed the appearance for me, and they have passed the appearance protection. Maybe it won’t be long before I will be able to officially meet everyone with this look in new clothes.
How is it? Is my curiosity aroused by me, and I want to uncover my mystery?
Then I will show you my look and wardrobe, I have ten colors in total~
Dangdangdang, watch me make my debut!
As a home service robot, I think my looks and figure are great. Do you think that I am a loyal butler at first sight? ~ I believe that the elderly and children in your family will also like me.

Most people prefer futuristic silvery white, so the main color of my five clothes is silvery white, and I use different colors to distinguish the details. But in order to meet different tastes, I also have other colors as the main color styles~

Now, this is my silvery white with sky blue appearance. The blue looks young and energetic, which fits my characteristics haha~

How about my silver-white and green jacket? Hope this healthy color scheme can also bring you a healthy lifestyle.

Such a matte color will surely arouse the feelings of a girl in your heart.

How about, do I have a calm and generous temperament in black?

Putting on this all-silver dress, I suddenly felt that I was coming from the future~ my chest was full of science fiction~

I’m used to seeing the silver-white body, let’s show you the other main colors.

Chinese New Year is about to come~ First let me put on this big red festive dress. Here is an early year for everyone, and I wish you all a good Year of the Rooster.

Look at my blue appearance. If you often see me at home, you can feel as comfortable as seeing the blue sky.

I am wearing this lavender dress, which is the most suitable for the elegant and noble home care home.

Haha, the yellow clothes are also very eye-catching~

This orange-yellow color scheme, I hope I can bring you a little warmth in the cold winter day, so I will be happy.

The above is my real appearance, there are ten different colors. By the way, my uncles have patented these appearances of me, please don’t run into my shirt!

For more specific details about me, I will often tell you in the future, and please continue to pay attention to me-Lingzhi Technology’s first home service robot. Thank you~!