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The Birth of Lingzhi Home Service Robot

Hello, everyone!

A few days ago, I shared with you my design and color scheme.

But this time is different, it’s amazing. Look, everyone, because I want to announce a big news:

I was finally officially born! ! !

What I showed everyone before was my concept map and appearance design. Now please take a closer look at me. Facts have proved that I am not “spoofing”, is it the same handsome sunshine as the original picture?

From this perspective, appreciate me.

Look at me look at me! Look at me!

The R&D Baba Mama had a small party and prepared cakes and fruits to celebrate my birth.

Now that my true appearance has been exposed, do you have more expectations for my function? I hope I can walk into your family quickly, become a part of your family, and escort the whole family.

Thank you for your interest in Lingzhi Technology, and I wish you all a good Year of the Rooster~ a happy family!

If you want to know what is going on, let it be broken down after the festival.