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Lingzhi Technology’s first home service robot technology achievement display

The velvet flocks are falling and the years pass by. With the birth of Lingzhi’s first smart home service robot, when people are returning home, Lingzhiren is still struggling at the forefront of work, adhering to “Building the future world with intelligent robots” “” vision, to bring you the video of this robot’s technology demonstration, simply showing the robot’s “face recognition”, “display guidance”, “autonomous barriers”, “daily chat”, “daily inquiry”, “schedule reminder” “, “anti-noise”, “audio service”, “leisure and entertainment”, “automatic charging” and “autonomous patrol” functions. Lingzhiren adheres to the mission of “providing reliable services and communicating natural intelligent service robot solutions”, and is determined to innovate and unite knowledge and action, so that intelligent robots can truly enter thousands of households and become indispensable family partners in daily life. Technology changes human life.