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Leaders of Minhang District visited Lingzhi Technology for guidance and inspection

Recently, Mr. Tan Weimin, Secretary-General of the CPPCC Minhang District, Ms. Xu Yayun, Deputy Director of Minhang District Science and Technology Committee, and Mr. Zhang Lihua, General Manager of Shanghai Tangzhen Electronic Commerce Industry Development Co., Ltd. visited Shanghai Lingzhi Technology Co., Ltd. Ms. Zhang Qi, Director of Innovation Service Department of Minhang District Science and Technology Committee, and Ms. Xu Hui, Section Chief of Comprehensive Management Section of Minhang District Science and Technology Committee. Professor Su Jianbo, chairman of Shanghai Lingzhi Technology Co., Ltd., warmly welcomed the leaders who came to visit and guide.

Chairman Su Jianbo gave a detailed report to the Secretary-General Tan on the current company’s business development and technical characteristics. The Secretary-General fully affirmed the rapid development of Lingzhi Technology and expressed his appreciation for Lingzhi Technology’s “use of intelligent robots to build the future world”. The company’s vision is appreciated. China has incorporated robotics and intelligent manufacturing into the priority areas of national scientific and technological innovation, and both sides are very optimistic about the robotics industry. Mr. Zhang Kejun, general manager of Lingzhi Technology, brought a live demonstration of the company’s first-generation smart home service robot to the leaders. The robot can not only communicate natural human-computer interaction, but also complete autonomous patrols, automatic charging, and emergency warnings in the test site. A lot of work makes viewers feel that the intelligent service robot, as the family housekeeper, will play an indispensable role in the future family, and has won unanimous praise from the leaders! Director Xu promised that the district will also give Lingzhi technology strong support in publicity, channels, and resource docking.