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Documentary of “Post-career Planning Training” by Shanghai Lingzhi Technology Co., Ltd.

In March, the grass grows and the warbler flies.

On March 18, 2017, company leaders and all employees gathered in the Machinery Building of Jiaotong University to participate in the training of the gold medal lecturer Mr. Yang Long on post-career planning. During the training, Mr. Yang Long closely focused on the theme of “career design”, and at the beginning of the training, he used his personal rich resume to convince the trainers, thus leading to the core theme of professional design and the benefits of professional design. It seemed that the man in the dream was broken in one word, which aroused great interest of the trainers.

Teacher Yang Long, full of energy during lectures, concise and capable language to explain the most practical principles, he also used examples and various ways of on-site questioning and interaction to mobilize the enthusiasm of trainers and deeply understand the core themes of professional design. The trainers also actively participate in the interaction, combining their actual work, and earnestly interacting with the teacher.

In order to deepen the impression of the training class, Teacher Yang Long also played part of the video of the movie “In the Cloud”. This video of dismissing old employees deeply shocked the hearts of the people present. Through this video, the trainers deeply realized how to improve themselves. And the importance of professional design.

Finally, in order to deepen the theme of this training, Teacher Yang Long also organized a special little game. This small game allows the trainers to be divided into four groups, and allows everyone to focus on discussing their own prospects for future professional design, and select a typical example to share with you. This little game drew everyone’s enthusiasm and actively participated in the discussion.

After the training session, all the employees said that such training is a memorable one, a lot of experience, and more rewards. The course is only more than two hours, the theme is clear, the content is substantial, but the forms are diverse. I hope that the company will often hold similar training courses in the future.