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LZ.FACELOCK An. FACELOCK face recognition lock, leading a safe life in the intelligent era

In the past, our mobile phones could only be unlocked with simple passwords and fingerprints. Now Apple’s face recognition system launched on iPhone x shows the public a simpler and safer identification method.

With the development of technology, face recognition technology has gradually begun to be widely used in all aspects of people’s lives, such as banks, companies, hotels and other places. With the increasing popularity of face recognition, in the field of smart home, the innovative move of face recognition + door locks has instantly become full of technology and sense of security.

The LZ.FACELOCK An.Facelock face lock manufactured by Shanghai Lingzhi Technology is based on the results of the face recognition algorithm of Shanghai Jiaotong University for 20 years, and more than 10 national invention patents. It has been engaged in lock production enterprises for 20 years for joint research and development. Introduced a domestic latest face recognition smart lock. Become the leading product in the intelligent era.



LZ.FACELOCK has a variety of color options such as chameleon, silver black, black, red bronze, champagne gold, etc., to meet the color needs of different people. The main body is made of zinc alloy, which is reliable and corrosion-resistant. The overall injection molding process is more robust and durable. The lock body and lock cylinder are all made of ultra-B grade (all stainless steel). The surface treatment adopts electroplating and wire drawing process. The salt spray test exceeds 100 hours. , Will not change color, fade and oxidize; It is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery, which can be charged once every 6 months under normal conditions, which is durable, energy-saving, environmentally friendly and convenient.


The design style is simple and generous, in line with the aesthetic habits of the Chinese, and it not only simplifies the unlocking method but also protects privacy.

Product parameter

Camera: infrared + color

Adapt to the user’s height range: 1.1-2m

Recognition speed: 0.3s

Misrecognition rate<=0.0001%

Rejection rate: <=0.01%

Lighting: 0-10000

LuXRecognition distance: 50-75cm

Face storage capacity: 100 (expandable)

Communication method: 485 wired, Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi ambient temperature: -20-55°C

Lock core: Super B-class lock core

Lock body strength: 110N static load, 2.65J impact strength

Mechanical life: 100,000 times

Corrosion resistance: salt spray test over 100 hours

Handle strength: 980N static tension, 11.8Nm torque

Lock tongue strength: axial static load 3000N, lateral static pressure 6000N

Anti-static interference: contact discharge

In summary, LZ.FACELOCK has the advantages of precise identification, strong adaptability, convenience, sturdiness and durability, security and confidentiality, and strong defense.

The high-precision recognition algorithm guarantees that there will be no embarrassment that it is difficult to identify the user’s identity. This is the most intuitive and accurate identification method. The live detection technology also guarantees that pictures, wax figures, masks, videos and other non-real faces are impossible Cheat the system, only when the system detects a real “living person” can be recognized, the recognition speed is less than 0.3 seconds!

When the owner returns home, LZ.FACELOCK can use the camera to capture facial features to recognize the owner’s identity, and automatically open the door after recognition. It is safe and convenient. There is no need to remember the password, and there is no need to worry about forgetting the key, losing or leaking the password. , The door can be opened when the face is close. It is an absolute gospel for those who are busy with work and seeking a simple life!


Innovative technology points:

1 Using the industry’s first in vivo technology, when a person approaches, the door lock system will automatically wake up, no additional action is required, just brush your face, the whole process does not require physical contact, it is natural and comfortable, and easy to use.

2Using the industry’s unique trackable face collection technology, the camera can adjust the position according to the height of different users and actively track the face, so it is especially convenient for children to use. It can be unlocked smoothly even in low light or even dark conditions, and can be used normally in the absence of light, makeup removal, and grimacing. Twins, makeup, yin and yang faces, glasses, etc. can be identified.

3 The original self-learning algorithm can adapt to the changes of the owner, even though you are thin, I still know you. Especially suitable for the characteristics of rapid growth of children.



1Provide a variety of door opening methods: face recognition, virtual password, IC card, remote, mechanical and other door opening methods, and can set a combined door opening mode (such as: face + virtual password) to provide for the use of special environments Safer guarantee.

2 has: doorbell, voice, remote audio and video calls, the company’s independent APP platform, babysitting and courier functions (can set a one-time opening password or opening time period for temporary users)


Safety protection design:

LZ.FACELOCK has anti-pry alarm, monitoring alarm, child lock function, and anti-cat eye opening function.


Foresee future malleability:

Built-in smart system, with WIFI function to connect to the Internet, and reserve a variety of interfaces to perfectly connect to various mainstream smart home systems.


Detailed and thoughtful after-sales:

1. Provides a three-year warranty, the longest warranty in the industry. After-sales service is set up in cities where the face lock is delivered.

2. Provide online and offline version upgrades, and continue to provide the best service.


With the rapid development of science and technology, the technology of “swiping the face to open the door” seems to be very cool and high-end. It used to be only seen in science fiction films, but now it can gradually penetrate into our daily lives, bringing people safer, smarter, More convenient life enjoyment! Shanghai Lingzhi Technology’s LZ.FACELOCK An. Facelock face lock brings surprises, so stay tuned!