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Designing for Mobile Apps: Overall Principles, Common Patterns, and Interface Guidelines by Yvonne So Intuit Engineering

Understand colors thoroughly and use them smartly to enhance visuals and show screen transitions. Highlighting a button can prompt a user to perform an action. Changing a button’s color after it’s been clicked will show a goal-driven action has been completed. When choosing typography for your app copy, focus on readability rather than attractiveness.

developing interfaces for apps

We need this property well otherwise it could crash an app. But when we want to set a color, we need to pick from the color wheel or set it with a hex value. This color will not made available for re-use in other places in the project.

How to develop a user-friendly app

The truth is, it’s nearly impossible to extract one discipline from the other. Let’s start putting these user interface design principles to work. It’s easy for onboarding to feel like work, so we want to make sure the process is as simple and light as possible. Do not create a Difficulties in developing interfaces for apps and WEB sites mobile app just because everybody does it. Instead, create a mobile app that solves a real problem people experience. By creating an app to solve a problem, you can lay out the user interface in a way that allows users to solve the problem with as little effort as possible.

The lack of detail can be confusing as different users see different things. It is challenging with abstract categories that real-world items can’t represent. Emphasis is the primary weapon against the limited short-term memory of the user. People can remember between five and nine items at a time. Processing information about additional items requires removing older ones from the short-term memory. You can overcome this attentional bottleneck by making essential elements stand out.


A nice app with a poor user interface is like an unattractive food with great taste. Nobody may find out how great the taste is because the look has already turned people away. No matter how good you are in coding and programming, if you are not creative enough to prepare a fantastic user interface, you might have to hire an app designer.

developing interfaces for apps

There are some main components which have to be considered when you design mobile apps UI/UX. The prototypes help in demonstrating how the actual product will work once it’s fully developed. The HP MIUR team could have benefited from more extensive training on the Oracle Business Intelligence and Oracle Application Server products.

Design for mobile-first

Develop your product with a team that establishes a clear design process and delivers a spot-on result. Our UI/UX design team will use their experience to help you build an engaging product. Adobe XD. This next vector-based tool is also used for various prototyping and collaboration needs.

  • All topics fall into logical categories and subcategories.
  • Author made simple dashboards with bright colors so it’s not overwhelming but also effective at solving the problem in front of us.
  • The points above should be enough to kickstart your mobile app design process.
  • A user interface can’t simply enable users to make mistakes and stop there — it must also enable them to overcome those mistakes.
  • There are two ways a website and app development company would go about prototyping user interfaces.
  • The purpose of View and ViewControllers are for presenting data.
  • If a feature can be put in a simple way there is no need to overdo it.

When offering a discount, the UX-based footwear store COIX features a hero image on its homepage as well as icons showing the discount amount on its product archives page. It also shows the reduced price on each individual product page so that the user doesn’t have to recall the discount amount or do any math to figure out the new prices. When creating a website, app, wearable, or any digital product, you want it to be as easy and efficient to use as possible. To audit your app’s design elements and enhance its performance and usability. Difference in the iOS app UI design and Android app UI design. Likewise, considering the way both the platforms are designed at the device level, the iOS app UX design also varies from the Android app UX design.

Keep the focus on limited things

For more prototypes, upgrade to the InVision Starter plan for $13/month or the Professional plan for $22/month . Figma offers a good free plan with up to 3 Figma files, 3 FigJam files and unlimited collaborators. For unlimited files and more functionality, opt for the Professional plan at $12/editor per month or the Organization plan for $45/editor per month.

developing interfaces for apps

I browsed through the app ideas and the categories that were in the section. I found a few projects that looked like they could be a great libraries for my app. The goal is to make it engaging, interesting, and easy to use through user interface design principles. Rather than find themselves at a dead end, lost visitors are redirected to a page that features popular designs of a specific color.

Offer Great Design

However, we needed to incorporate our brand and voice and tone to create what we call “QuickBooks Ownable Moments.” For large headlines and sub-headlines, we use our brand fonts. You might just surprise yourself at what you can do with some great app ideas. When you go to the App Store or Google Play Store and search for apps that you feel inspired by, copy their design and do the same thing in your own designs.

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