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Home service robot opens a new chapter in a happy life

Robots are about to repeat the rise of personal computers. In the future, every family will have robots. This revolution is bound to completely change the way of life of this era, just like personal computers.                                                  —— Bill Gates


With technological innovation and development, consumers’ awareness and demand for robots are gradually increasing. After robots continue to occupy industrial assembly lines and battlefields, service robots have also begun to enter our family life, thereby opening up family services The veil of trillions of output value of robots.


All signs indicate

The first year of home service robots that provide home services is coming

Different from the cold and isolated smart home products that have gradually surfaced, the home service robot has intelligence comparable to humans, can recognize the host’s face and emotions, understand the host’s voice, understand the host’s intentions, and provide The personalized service that the owner needs, chat with the owner on various topics at any time, respond to the owner’s inquiry and give answers, and can use the voice and accent that the owner likes. With the development of technology, the improvement of functions, and the increasing pursuit of personalized life by people, home service robots are gradually and will fully enter your family and become your indispensable housekeeper and family member.


Therefore, Shanghai Lingzhi Technology uses the empathy that fits the details of life, and builds a new generation based on its self-owned, internationally advanced visual intelligence, voice intelligence and autonomous navigation technology, with the goal of providing a full range of family services. Home service robots provide personalized warm services to thousands of households.


Height: Medium ≈ Four-year-old child (0.96m)

Weight: light ≈a bucket of mineral water (25 kg)

Endurance: Long > One whole day (30 hours)

Support: Wi-Fi 2.4G/5G

Face recognition accuracy:> 98%

Face recognition speed: <2s


No.1 Security Protection

Risk factors that easily occur in life often become hidden dangers, and tragedies caused by negligence in safety are not uncommon. We expect to use high technology to minimize risks. Lingzhi Home Service Robot is equipped with vision and infrared sensors, which can sense changes in the surrounding environment; equipped with temperature/humidity sensors, smoke and gas alarm sensors, it can detect whether there are abnormal situations such as fires and gas leaks in the home. Once it appears, it will be reported to the owner in time and necessary treatment will be carried out to reduce the potential safety hazard to zero.


No.2 Butler Service

The happiness index of the family comes from the feelings of all family members. Whether it is to ensure the peace and comfort of the home environment when the family is at home, or to ensure the normal safety of the family environment when the family is away, the family service robot can provide services for family members with care.

The home service robot built by Shanghai Lingzhi Technology Co., Ltd. can accurately locate the location of family members when they are at home, and can detect the owner’s words, opinions and actions, understand the owner’s needs, and provide necessary help in time; when the owner is not at home, family services The robot will automatically become a family guardian. It can identify environmental abnormalities and sudden intrusions at any time. If necessary, it can be linked to alarms, and it supports two-way remote control of mobile phones and other devices. It accepts instructions from the owner to report the situation at home or find items to create a warm and comfortable home for the owner. , And truly “managed” the house for the owner.


No.3 Entertainment

Leisure and entertainment are also an indispensable and important part of family life, and the ability of Lingzhi family service robots is not inferior at all! He is born with a large number of entertainment programs suitable for the owner’s taste. He can choose the entertainment method the owner likes according to the owner’s mood and the length of free time to play the entertainment program; he can choose whether to use the head-equipped high-definition projector for media according to time and place. The projection and playback of the content allows the owner to enjoy the fun of life most thoroughly, and it is also convenient for the owner to invite relatives and friends to interact and participate together, enjoy pleasure, and add more color to life.

When the Lingzhi home service robot is hungry (low battery) and has no energy to provide the help requested by the owner, he will tell the owner and find the kitchen (charging pile) by himself to complete the supply (charging) without worrying the owner, so he is deeply consumed by consumers Loved by readers, its powerful functions not only meet the needs of young families, but also provide unexpected practical help for the lives of the elderly.

Home service robot

Accompany the elderly and relieve their children


provide information

Daily chat, push travel and health products.

Automatically record the wonderful life moments of the elderly, and actively send photos of the elderly to their children to enhance communication.


Daily monitoring

If the old man falls, fails to get up on time, stays in the toilet for a long time, and has no signs of activity in one place for a long time, Lingzhi Home Service Robot will take the initiative to find out and determine whether it needs to contact the owner and check the situation of the old man. Report one by one to avoid accidents.


Health care

Elderly people often forget to take medicine, or take medicine repeatedly because of forgetting. This problem is easily solved by the home service robot. He will find the old man by himself at the set time, walk to the old man, remind and ensure that the old man takes medicine on time. The included camera function will record the scene of the elderly taking medicine and actively push it to relatives or doctors for inquiries, so as to fully guarantee the health of the elderly.


Fire warning

The Lingzhi family service robot can detect whether there are any abnormal situations such as fire and gas leakage in the home at any time, and send out an alarm. At the same time, it can contact the children or other relevant personnel according to the preset settings to ensure that they arrive in the first time.


Daily companionship

The powerful knowledge capacity and dialogue recognition system of Lingzhi Home Service Robot can accompany the elderly to chat and relieve boredom. If the elderly need to order takeaways or make phone calls, Lingzhi Home Service Robots are happy to provide assistance; the elderly have inconvenience in their legs and feet, but want to turn on the lights, turn on the TV, When turning on the speaker, you can directly instruct the Lingzhi home service robot to execute; the elderly have a bad memory, and it is easy to find some small life items. The Lingzhi home service robot can use the unique image of Shanghai Lingzhi Technology at any time according to the requirements of the elderly Handling and item identification methods can quickly help the elderly find the items they need.

The pressure of life and work often makes children neglect to care about the daily life of the elderly. Lingzhi Family Service Robot can always monitor the behavior of the elderly at home according to the wishes and instructions of the children, report the situation of the elderly to the children in time, and eliminate the children. The regret that I cannot take care of the elderly due to busy work. In particular, he can also take the initiative to remind his children to take care of the elderly, draw the bond between children and their parents, and increase their feelings.

More and more elderly people are even more fashionable. They are not willing to stay in the ordinary days, but choose a more energetic and avant-garde way of elderly care-living for the elderly.

When the elderly are not around, Lingzhi Home Service Robot can actively and silently synchronize the elderly’s life status through the cloud seamlessly, and communicate with their children, so that the elderly can enjoy the same even when they are on the go. Communication and sense of belonging at home at any time can also ensure the consistency and privacy of the elderly’s living habits.

Elderly people living abroad cannot meet with their children often, which will always cause the children to miss them. Lingzhi Family Service Robot can actively identify the life and emotional state of the elderly. When the elderly are happy, they can record the life scenes of the elderly and send the photos to their children. Not only will they leave beautiful moments for the elderly’s lives, but also for those who are not around. The children offered comfort.


Accompany children and solve problems for parents

Safety nursing

In the dilemma between work and family, with the help of a family service robot that takes care of children, parents can go to work with peace of mind. It can act as a small assistant, personally guarding the safety of the child, and communicating the child’s situation in real time through the synchronized images of remote monitoring, helping parents to realize the intimate care of the child without leaving the line of sight. If the child falls down, climbs and other dangerous situations, the Lingzhi family service robot will take the initiative to step forward, and actively contact the parents after judging the level of the dangerous situation, and report the child’s situation to avoid dangerous incidents.


Learning teacher

The powerful knowledge reserve of Lingzhi Family Service Robot can teach children to learn and cultivate their interest in learning. The robot brain is connected to the cloud database, with massive educational content, synchronized with national teaching materials, allowing children to learn knowledge in various fields. Let children study at home and feel the ocean of knowledge just like in school.


Language Talent

The home service robot has a strong language talent, and its dialogue function can create different language environments for children in the enlightenment, naive, childhood, and growth stages. For example, children in the enlightenment period are mostly curious about things, their vocal cords are not fully developed, and they begin to babble and imitate human speech. With this period of companionship, robots can bring children to the standard spoken pronunciation, allowing children’s language ability to win from the beginning At the starting line, always engage in fun and interactive communication with children, and become a good partner to accompany them.

Time management

It is the nature of every child to be curious and playful. How to make children play happily and learn knowledge while growing up? The Lingzhi family service robot can scientifically arrange and remind children of the time to learn and play, so that both learning and playing can be done.


Growth moment

Children are the continuation of their parents’ lives. Every parent is full of expectations for their children. The busy work and life pressures will make parents lose the time to accompany their children. The spirit of the family service robot is at every important moment in the child’s growth stage. , Can allow parents who are not around to see the synchronized images of their children and record every precious moment of their children’s growth. Happiness belongs not only to children, but also to parents who give life.


Shanghai Lingzhi Smart color, heart dance freely

Lingzhi Home Service Robot is a real home service robot. It has intimate functions for all ages and is dazzling in the rapidly developing world of technology. In addition to satisfying the freshness, it has gradually become a rigid demand and is loved by more people.

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