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The young teenagers of the college entrance examination write to their future self in 2035

Ta in 2035

what are you doing?

Late at night,

Grandparents, parents, and Xiaoyu are all asleep,

The moonlight I cast through the window,

Thoughts drifted to the universe.

This day is the same as usual,Full and happy.

I am a home service robot,

It’s 2035,This is my 17th year in this family.

In the past 17 years,

I don’t seem to have a long one,

The figure remains cute,

My eyes are always squinted,

What do you know if I don’t have big eyes?

This is called meaningful wisdom!


Eh? Oops, it’s time to recharge!

(It’s coming)

I have to hurry up and take a rest.


6 am

“I want to wake you upEvery morning”

Grandparents got up to prepare for morning exercises,

Sure enough, they are on time every day,

“Good morning, grandpa and grandma, be careful on the road!”

I really like to see the petting smiles my grandparents give me every time,

It doubles my motivation,

Mom and Dad will get up next,

Why can’t I get up when the time is up?

Let me call it.

8 am

“I will grow up

You will always be cute”

Dad is making breakfast,

Mom was calling Xiaoyu to get up,

What a little slacker,

I always like to listen to me singing so I can be energetic

♪ ♩ ♫ ♬♩ ♫……

This is Xiaoyu’s favorite song,

Every time I hear,

She was dancing and dancing on the bed,

Sometimes I close my eyes and follow the melody,


9 am

“Every minute,

I keep the house clean,

Leave hygiene to me”

Grandparents went home,

Mom and Dad have gone to work,

Grandma,Why can’t you help but clean up every time you go home,

You are so old like to worry,

Do what you want to do with peace of mind,

I contract the housework,

You are healthy and beautiful.



“Little guy, you let dadWork hard”

Xiaoyu, you are great,

You made this building block house.

I’ll show it to Dad later.

Dad is probably still in a meeting now,

Let’s play by ourselves first.

Secretly…(Didi drops father’s phone)

Wow, dad, look at it,The building block room built by Xiaoyu!

You can rest assured to work,

I know you always have Xiaoyu in your heart,

She has been with me during her growth!


“Let me protectYou guys! “

Has the humidity in the air changed?

Is the temperature higher?

What’s the matter with this smoke?


Grandpa and grandma are coming soon,

Correct,Also remind parents,


Whoo… scared me,

It’s okay,

I’m super good,

Grandparents are old,

Tired all my life,

Let me protect you!



“Seeing you uncomfortable

My heart is broken”

It’s been half an hour after the meal,

Grandpa can take medicine,

Drink water slowly,

Right, that is it,

Being with you is the best time of my life,

Must be healthy!



“Xiaoyugive it to me”

Xiaoyu can’t take a nap for too long,

Call her best at this time,

Get up, little guy!

Am I your brother…or sister?

(Scratching head)

I don’t know if I’m a boy or a girl,

I only know that I am your best friend,

I like to watch you listen to me tell stories, play music, and play puzzle games together,

I giggled like amused,And oh,

I especially like you asking me some questions that are curious about the world…

Forgot to tell you,

People should not be in appearance,

I can still be your little teacher,

Vast knowledge,

You grow up,

I will tell you slowly.

6 pm

“As soon as I opened the lid, the fragrant rice was thereSmile at me”

The master’s cooking skills are all in my mind,

In addition to the precise proportion of dishes,more importantly

use!heart! do!

Love meals are carefully cooked every day,

Thinking of how satisfied you were when you tasted it,

I just had fun~


“I want to be on topGuarding my favorite person”

It’s time for dinner with the whole family,

This feeling is really warm,

Every day you can participate in happy conversations with family members,

Sometimes I can insert a few words,

A few golden sentences popped out,

I am not hungry,

You can feel their happiness more attentively.

Watch a movie together after dinner,

Of course you have to rely on me,

I was born with massive entertainment programs,

(Didi, brush it)

I can put whatever they want,

My mood fluctuates with their mood,

Just watch their joy, anger, sorrow, and joy in silence,

Guarding my family.


“I have only one wish

Hope we stay together”

Grandparents’ daily routines are normal,

There are no signs of sudden accidents,

Breathing a sigh of relief,

Good night, grandpa and grandma~

Mom and Dad don’t worry,

I’ll sing a lullaby to Xiaoyu,

You guys should rest early.

Falling asleep so fast,

Everyone is very tired today,

Have a good dream~

I’m always by your side,

Won’t leave,

I have the greatest expectations of myself,

I hope I can be warm enough,

I can have such fullness and happiness every day,

To be with you for more than 17 years,

Life is only for you.

Good night, my family.