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Is it Possible to Become Addicted to Marijuana?

Behavioral therapy will also empower you to better know how to combat cravings and relapses. It will also equip you with the tools to develop more balance and positive sober habits to foster more natural happiness and peace in your life. Use of medicinal cannabis began in America in the 1850s, when products with cannabis extracts were produced and sold to treat maladies such as pain and muscle spasm.

Cannabis should be avoided just like alcohol, tobacco, and other potentially dangerous substances during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Cannabis, like other substances, could harm a fetus’ development and health. The directory​ lists substance use disorder programs in each Oregon county.

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• We’ll help you learn to trust the professionals who offer help for addiction. • Our team will ask about you and what you’re going through so that we can curate a plan for you. Marijuana addiction can have a severe effect on your physical or mental health. The longer a person uses a substance, the more severe these effects become.

  • For example, if you work during the day, you can participate in treatment in the afternoon to keep up with your work responsibilities.
  • However, many people who want to get over an addiction can’t do it alone.
  • If you or a loved one is feeling the effects of cannabis addiction in your life, it could be time to seek treatment.
  • Changes in state laws mean marijuana is available to more people, for both medical and recreational use.
  • Withdrawal from marijuana can be uncomfortable but is rarely life-threatening.

Whether you are struggling with Marijuana addiction alone, or want to treat multiple substance abuse or mental health issues in addition to Marijuana, there may be a solution for you. If you’re suffering from marijuana use disorder, marijuana addiction plenty of treatment options are available, from inpatient programs to intensive outpatient program that allows you to build upon your success. If you’re trying to stop using marijuana, one or more of these programs may help.

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When an addiction is psychologically based, such as marijuana or gambling, behavioral therapy is one of the most successful, beneficial treatments out there. Today, marijuana is classified by the federal government as a Schedule I substance, which means the drug presents a high risk for abuse and is deemed to have no medicinal uses. However, several states have legalized marijuana for adult recreational use, and 23 states as well as the District of Columbia allow use of medical marijuana to treat certain medical conditions. Deciding to receive treatment for Marijuana addiction can be tough especially when some feel it is unnecessary. However, many people who want to get over an addiction can’t do it alone. The most important thing to remember is that you can beat this addiction.

  • Just because it does not have the negative reputation and obvious extreme effects of other substances does not mean that marijuana is safe.
  • When you call our weed addiction hotline, a trained helpline representative will listen to your story, assess your situation, and guide you through your next options.
  • About 18% of Americans have used cannabis at least once, while 30% of people who use marijuana are addicted to the drug.
  • Many of our support staff have personally walked the addiction recovery path and are uniquely qualified to inspire those on the journey.

Recognizing the symptoms of painkiller addiction is crucial for early intervention and treatment. Plants are often cultivated to contain up to 3 times the levels of THC once present, which can have dangerous effects on the brain and other body systems. A psychological addiction to marijuana, while nonfatal, is not something to take lightly. It may not have the potential to kill you as other drugs do, but it still has the ability to dominate and derail your life in different ways. High doses can produce a temporary psychotic reaction in some users.

Marijuana Addiction Treatment Options at Our NJ Rehab Center

​For services and supports related to behavioral health, mental health, substance use and problem gambling, contact your Community Mental Health Program. Because many recovering addicts struggle with more than one disorder, we recognize the need to treat co-occurring disorders simultaneously. Successful outcomes have been shown to be the highest when this integrated treatment approach addresses both mental health and substance abuse issues together. At Midwest Recovery Centers we believe the most effective method for treating marijuana addiction is found through a holistic approach. Our compassionate staff is highly trained in both addiction recovery and naturopathic remedies.

  • If you or someone you know has any of the symptoms listed above, call the poison control hotline for free, fast, expert help anytime.
  • If you have concerns, you can verify confidentiality with the group providing the service by checking online or contacting the specific group.
  • They will likely cut back on activities that previously brought them joy or withdraw from them altogether.
  • Behavioral therapy will also empower you to better know how to combat cravings and relapses.
  • Many patients stay in treatment at Rosecrance from 35 to 45 days, but duration of stay is based on individual needs.

Marijuana comes from a plant called Cannabis sativa, also called hemp, and contains a psychoactive chemical called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that alters the mind. Cannabis is most often smoked but can also be ingested via food, drink or pills containing a concentrated form of the drug. Bookmark and revisit this page for the latest on the legalization of adult use cannabis in New York State and learn more at By Buddy T

Buddy T is an anonymous writer and founding member of the Online Al-Anon Outreach Committee with decades of experience writing about alcoholism. In addition, marijuana dependence has been linked with a lack of motivation. Someone who is addicted may lack the drive to engage in activities, pursue goals, or keep up with responsibilities, including school and work.

Addiction treatment targets behavior, and to go through that, you’ll have to talk to a mental health specialist who can help you learn more. You’ll also learn ways to manage temptation and stress; both things could cause you to relapse. This is just a glimpse of what you could expect to learn when you talk to us about treatment. We say this because we’ve seen what problems with substance use, including using marijuana, can do to someone when the person doesn’t seek help.

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Talk to your healthcare provider to learn about health effects of marijuana and start your road to recovery. Many people believe that marijuana doesn’t have harmful effects like alcohol or other drugs. In studies of people ages 13 to 38 years, heavy marijuana smoking in their teenage years caused them to lose an average of eight IQ points.

Long-term cannabis use can be detrimental to your well-being, so it’s essential to seek treatment when you determine you have an addiction. At Destinations for Teens, we offer a comprehensive teen marijuana addiction treatment program designed to help our clients heal from the effects of substance abuse. Our personalized approach to treatment focuses on both the physical and psychological aspects of addiction, helping teens learn how to manage their cravings and live healthy lifestyles. Addiction is a chronic illness that will require hypervigilance to sustain your recovery.

What is the treatment for marijuana?

The primary treatment options available for people dependent on Marijuana include therapy and support groups. However, there are also those who receive inpatient treatment to kickstart their recovery, knowing that the hands-on care and support is beneficial to their recovery maintenance.