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Dalian International Industry Fair, Shanghai Lingzhi’s scientific and technological strength is used to demonstrate new forces in intelligent manufacturing

Shanghai Lingzhi’s scientific and technological strength demonstrates new forces in intelligent manufacturing

The 20th Dalian International Industry Fair was held in Dalian World Expo Plaza from May 24-26, 2018. With the theme of “cooperation, innovation, and intelligence”, this exhibition aims to showcase and promote the deep integration of informatization and industrialization, with digitalization, networking, and intelligence as the main line, linking the emerging industries that “Made in China 2025” will promote. Highlight the power strategy of smart manufacturing, green manufacturing, and service manufacturing.

As a key project of the cooperation between Shanghai and Dalian, Dalian International Industry Fair has received great attention from the governments of the two cities. The Shanghai Municipal Government has long instructed Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park to select some industry leaders that can fully represent the highest level of Shanghai’s intelligent manufacturing field to participate. In this exhibition, there were nearly 100 participants in the Shanghai Pavilion and more than 50 projects on-site. No matter the scale of the exhibition, the quality of the company, the variety of the exhibition, the number of professional visitors, etc., it can be regarded as the largest in history, and it has become a leader in the development of intelligent manufacturing. wind vane.

Shanghai Lingzhi Technology was appointed by the Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park and invited by the Dalian International Industry Fair Organizing Committee. The LZ.FACELOCK An. Facelock face lock exhibited at this exhibition has attracted the attention of its weight and has become the Shanghai exhibition area. A beautiful landscape. Exhibitors walked to the company’s booth and were immediately attracted by the cool appearance, powerful sense of technology and practicality of the door locks. With curiosity, they made a deep understanding of the staff and were eager to experience for themselves: This facial expression test can accurately confirm him, sometimes tilt his head to see how fast the recognition speed, sometimes stand on tiptoe or squat down to test the camera’s tracking ability, and the audience is admired and then interested in buying people There are endless channels for market- and business-sensitive audiences to consult products, and the staff are patiently answering questions one by one, satisfying the various wishes of the visitors.

The LZ.FACELOCK An.Facelock face lock launched by Shanghai Lingzhi Technology is based on the face recognition algorithm results of the research team of Shanghai Jiaotong University in the past 20 years, and more than 10 national invention patents. It is a joint lock industry senior manufacturer. The latest face recognition smart lock developed and launched in China has become a leading product for people to enter the era of smart life. The LZ.FACELOCK face lock can keep all insecure factors out of the door at any time, making your life more private, safer, more comfortable and convenient.

“Owned once, all for life”!

The powerful technological power is closely integrated with the practical and convenient needs of family life. It not only attracts countless eyes throughout the exhibition, but also stimulates the people’s recognition and interest in technology. Use wisdom to enjoy the real benefits that smart technology brings to the future of the family. Peace of mind and comfort.