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Teachers and students of the Auto Disturbance Rejection Theory Seminar of Shanghai Jiaotong University visited Lingzhi Artificial Intelligence

University teachers and students participate in Shanghai Jiaotong University

Active Disturbance Rejection Control Theory Summer Course


Recently, more than 140 teachers and students from more than 60 prestigious universities across the country participated in the summer seminar on active disturbance rejection control theory and technology organized by Shanghai Jiaotong University. As a leader in domestic intelligent robot system and technology research, Su Jianbo During the summer courses, the professors gave lectures to teachers and students in colleges and universities and shared the experience of production, study and research.


Embrace the cutting-edge technology and focus on artificial intelligence

——Seminars of the Self-Rejection Seminar



The collision of thinking is just to make technology shine

——In the seminar class


Today, ADRC research has flourished, especially in the past few years, exciting application results continue to appear.

It has been almost 20 years since the completion of the first aerospace attitude control subject in 1999 and the proposal of a flight control method for auto-disturbance rejection control. At present, the flight control method based on auto-disturbance rejection control has been used in many actual models of my country’s aerospace In flight control;

Texas Instruments launched a series of motion control chips based on active disturbance rejection control algorithms in 2013;

On this basis, the research team of Professor Su Jianbo from the Intelligent Robot Research Center of Shanghai Jiaotong University applied the idea of active disturbance rejection control to develop robot motion planning and obstacle avoidance control technology. In 2017, several high-performance multi-purpose service robots-“Natto Robot” “And “Little G Robot” were released separately;…

The thought of an academic world can drive so many people and so many results, which is what many scholars have pursued and yearned for in their lifetime!

Teachers and students from famous schools visit Lingzhi, learn and practice



In his spare time, Professor Su led the teachers and students to the company to visit home service robots, disinfection robots, and smart life products manufactured by Lingzhi Technology. Everyone showed strong interest in the products and technology of Lingzhi Technology, and had a warm and in-depth exchange and discussion with the Lingzhi team.



All visitors not only felt that Lingzhi Company is enthusiastically applying the high-tech patented technology accumulated by the Intelligent Robot Research Center of Shanghai Jiaotong University for many years in the product development atmosphere of various scenes in human life, but also has a good understanding of the various specific design and development of Lingzhi. I have made an in-depth understanding of the application products and felt the process of applying the knowledge in the usual textbooks to product development vividly. This visit is more like an academic exchange event, everyone returned with a rewarding experience.

Teachers and students carefully visited and discussed enthusiastically

So what are the applications of active disturbance rejection control technology in Lingzhi?


The robot chassis designed by Shanghai Lingzhi Technology has exquisite appearance, stable performance, high cost performance, and easy to use. There are more than a dozen built-in sensors, including depth cameras, high-performance lidars, inertial navigation units, ultrasonic, vibration, infrared, touch, etc., which can scan the surrounding environment at all times, provide environmental map data, and combine with the most advanced ADRC (automatic Anti-disturbance control) technology forms a fully autonomous motion navigation algorithm, which provides accurate and optimized motion planning and real-time obstacle avoidance technology for robots in any complex environment, which greatly improves the operating efficiency of autonomous navigation; at the same time, it uses multi-sensor information fusion technology, In particular, the item recognition technology enhances the robot’s adaptability, task completion ability and overall system stability in complex environments.

A reliable chassis is the foundation of every mobile robot. Only when it is solid and stable can the rest of the functions be fully utilized.

Mobile disinfection robot


Home smart robot

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