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What the old man lacks is not money, but you!


There was a popular saying on the Internet before

“I can’t hold you when I move bricks, and I can’t move bricks if I hold you.”

Although it is a joke, it makes sense to think about it. The current situation of China’s aging population, coupled with the fact that young people only work hard, but ignore the lonely parents at home.

But now the old people are reluctant to accept the old, stubborn and self-reliant, and don’t want to be “dragging oil bottles.”

It is for this reason that so many elderly people are deceived by so-called health care products. It may just be unscientific words like “anti-aging and not getting sick” written on it. They are just buying psychological comfort.

But health should not be ignored, a little problem may be delayed and there will be huge hidden dangers! So even if we can’t accompany the elderly all the time, we have to give them this heart-warming gift!

       ——Lingzhi Smart Home Service Robot

But what is so good about Lingzhi intelligent robot? Let’s look down


Lingzhi Intelligent Robot

Accompany the elderly and relieve their children


provide information

Daily chat, push travel and health products.

Automatically record the wonderful life moments of the elderly, and actively send photos of the elderly to their children to enhance communication.


Daily monitoring

If the old man has something abnormal at home, he will take the initiative to find out and determine whether he needs to contact the owner to report the situation, so as to avoid the worry of accidents. There is more real-time video function, even if children and relatives are not at home sometimes, you can use video chat to relieve the boredom of the elderly.

Health care

Remind to take medicine on time.


Fire warning

At any time, detect whether there are any abnormalities such as fires, gas leaks, etc., and send out alarms to notify children.


Daily companionship

If you have inconvenience with your legs and feet, but you want to turn on the lights, TV, and stereo, you can directly instruct the spirit to perform it on the home service robot. Find objects. There is also a powerful knowledge capacity and dialogue recognition system that can accompany the elderly to chat and relieve boredom. Ordering takeaways, making phone calls, etc. are no problem.

Lingzhi intelligent robot has more powerful functions such as accompanying children’s health care, and is a real helper at home! Being a child of filial piety, the elderly no longer feel lonely at home, and can report the situation of the elderly to their children in time, eliminating the regret that their children cannot adequately take care of the elderly due to busy work. In particular, he can also take the initiative to remind his children to take care of the elderly, to bring them closer to their parents, and to increase their feelings!