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Will intelligent robots be the last human invention?


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Will intelligent robots be the last human invention?

Afternoon of August 20

“Let’s light it up” salon was held”

Artificial Intelligence•Robot” Special Exchange Event

Sharing and discussing the application of artificial intelligence and cutting-edge technology information

“Let’s light it up” salon is an online and offline activity platform for the Minhang District CPPCC to improve the level of members’ participation in politics and to attract members to participate in CPPCC planning and event planning. The speakers are served by members of the District Political Consultative Conference. They bring the most cutting-edge topics and thoughts in their respective fields or cross-border research. The theme of this exchange event is “Artificial Intelligence•Robots”. Professor Su Jianbo, Chairman of Shanghai Lingzhi Technology Co., Ltd., brought you a sharing of “Intelligent Robots—The Last Human Invention”.

Su Jianbo, Chairman of Shanghai Lingzhi Technology Co., Ltd., shared the theme

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technical science that is researched and developed to simulate, extend and expand human intelligence. Artificial intelligence robots have the ability to sense, recognize, reason, and judge, and can modify programs within a certain range according to changes in external conditions. Artificial intelligence has been unknowingly integrated into human life, so what role will artificial intelligence play in future life?

Robots-human self-cloning by electromechanical means

The key technologies of artificial intelligence architecture systems can be divided into three categories: perception, understanding and execution. Among them, visual recognition technology, voice recognition technology, intention recognition technology and network control technology have been widely used.

Visual recognition technology

Through feature extraction, classification learning and information fusion of the image information obtained by the visual sensor, functions such as face recognition, expression recognition, gesture recognition, fatigue detection and skeleton tracking are realized.

LZ.FACELOCK Ann Feislock face recognition lock

Leading a safe life in the intelligent era


Speech recognition technology

Through the feature extraction, classification learning and information fusion of the sound information obtained by the microphone, the application of functions such as sound source localization, speech recognition, semantic understanding and voiceprint recognition can be realized.

Smart home robot

Security protection, butler service, autonomous charging, entertainment and leisure


Intent recognition

Based on the modeling and understanding of human behavior and task scenarios, learning and predicting human actual intentions, applying intention recognition technology to human-computer collaboration, human-computer confrontation and calligraphy through behavior modeling, task modeling and learning reasoning Creation and other fields.

Human-machine collaboration

Network control

Refers to real-time transmission of remote video, real-time control of remote robot movement, and predicting control instructions to move autonomously in the case of poor network signals. Mainly used for remote patrol monitoring, remotely control the robot to patrol the situation at home when going out for work, business trip or traveling, to check whether there are missing items, whether there are abnormal conditions, etc.

Remote patrol monitoring

The future has come, is coming soon, artificial intelligence technology has begun to be widely and in-depth research, artificial intelligence robots not only play an increasingly obvious role in industry, service industry, military and other fields, but also gradually applied to our lives. An indispensable part of people’s lives. Looking to the future, through the unremitting efforts of mankind, the development level of artificial intelligence robots will surely reach a new height.