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Huazhu’s 240 million house opening records are suspected of being leaked, and your information is being sold! How to do?

On August 28, China Lodging Hotel Group was exposed to leaked and sold information about the opening of its hotels such as Hanting, Orange, and All Seasons. The scope of the data breach includes:

Official website registration information: including ID card, mobile phone number, email address, ID number, login password, etc., a total of 53G, about 123 million records;

Check-in registration identity information: including name, ID number, home address, birthday, internal ID number, a total of 22.3G, about 130 million pieces;

Hotel room opening records: including internal ID number, associated room number, name, card number, mobile phone number, email address, check-in time, departure time, hotel ID number, room number, consumption amount, etc., a total of 66.2G, about 240 million.


The package price of nearly 500 million pieces of information is about 380,000 yuan

The leaked personal information of citizens is the user information of China Lodging Hotel Management Co., Ltd., involving hotels including Hanting, Grand Mercure, Xiyue, Novotel, Mercure, CitiGO, Orange, All Season, Starway, Ibis Styles, Ibis, Elan, Haiyou. The above hotels are all hotel brands under China Lodging Group. The suspected leaked personal information data is as many as 140G (about 500 million pieces). The package price of all the information is 8 Bitcoin, or 520 Monero, which is approximately RMB 380,000. The seller also stated that the deadline for the above data information is August 14, 2018.

How did the public react to this leak?

In the Internet age, people generally show helplessness towards information leakage, claiming that they have long been offended.

Huazhu: Has hired professional and technical personnel to verify

Soon after the news was posted online, Huazhu responded that the hacker’s sale of information has been reported to the police, and a professional technology company will be hired to verify whether the relevant personal information sold online is true. Any progress will be made public at any time. Subsequently, Huazhu Group issued a written official statement on the suspected information leakage incident:

Today, when people rely heavily on the Internet, information leakage is commonplace and commonplace. The amount of data leaked or stolen in 2016 was approximately 1.9 billion pieces; in 2017, Yahoo admitted that all 3 billion accounts were leaked in the documents submitted to the US financial regulator. The number of data breaches in one family is equivalent to 1.5 times that of the entire year of 2016; in 2018, it is even more predictable.

Someone made simple statistics. If you calculate based on the selling price, one person’s information is 0.0028 yuan, 2.8%! Although it is cheap, the harm of information leakage is real.

First of all, the data this time involves detailed and true personal information, such as ID card numbers and mobile phone numbers, which may be used by criminals to register various apps. If the guest accidentally uses the same password as the mailbox when registering, the mailbox may be stolen, causing more problems.

Secondly, because Huazhu’s hotels involve various types of mid-to-high-end categories, the analysis of consumption records can roughly outline a person’s profile, such as whether he travels frequently, is the company’s small employees or executives, etc. For hotels, this information is quite valuable.

The most worrying thing is that criminals may use private data like open houses to commit fraud. Earlier, criminals falsely claimed that they could delete room opening records and defraud hotel guests. Because they have a detailed grasp of the guest’s opening information, it is easy to gain the trust of the guest and cause pressure on the other party.

If you are a Huazhu user and unfortunately lie down with a gun:

1. Immediately modify the Huazhu account password, delete non-essential personal information, and cancel confidential payment.

2. Immediately modify the passwords of important accounts, especially those with the same password as that of Huazhu members.

3. Never click on unfamiliar text messages or links in emails. All funding issues are resolved through official channels.

4. Pay attention to text messages and phone calls. If an account is found to be abnormal, immediately handle it through official channels and call the police.

5. Immediately check credit records and pay attention to abnormal information.


Ordinary users recommend the following precautions:

1. Regularly modify the passwords of important accounts.

2. Avoid using uniform simple passwords.

3. Pay attention to mobile phone SMS reminders. Any issues involving fund transactions and password changes should be handled in a timely manner through official channels. Don’t reply to text messages directly.

4. Check your credit history regularly and pay attention to abnormal loans.

5. Search yourself and your phone number regularly on the Internet to ensure that no destructive content is posted online.

6. Form an agreement with family members, and when money matters are involved, you must communicate by phone.

7. Care for the elderly at home, popularize information security knowledge, and take precautions.


New technology to protect user information leakage:

With the increasingly prominent contradictions in information security and the continuous development of science and technology, new identity verification methods (fingerprint recognition, facial recognition, iris recognition, etc.) have begun to be applied. As a pioneer in the field of smart life, Lingzhi Technology attaches great importance to information and data security in product development. All identification uses local algorithms and does not need to upload data to the cloud to prevent information leakage. Its products, Amphis Rock face recognition lock and face recognition access control, sell well all over the country, providing people with a smart life and a safe community.

In addition, Chinese empty-nest elders are easily deceived. With the development of artificial intelligence and the popularization of smart home robots, in addition to taking care of the health of the elderly, robots can also enhance the instant communication between the elderly and their children, which will effectively prevent the elderly from being deceived.

(Shanghai Lingzhi Smart Home Robot)


The frequent occurrence of information security issues promotes the continuous improvement of laws and regulations in the society, and also promotes the continuous improvement of people’s awareness of prevention and rights protection. People are paying more and more attention to information security, and more scientific workers make unremitting efforts to this end, hoping to provide new protection for information security through technological development. The emergence of transformative science and technology will also provide new possibilities for the complete solution of information security issues.