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Shanghai Democratic National Construction Association came to Lingzhi to visit and exchange

Ling Zhi Toutiao

On the afternoon of September 26, the Minhang District Committee of the China Democratic National Construction Association came to Shanghai with some DAB members under the leadership of Song Yuntang, Deputy Secretary-General of the District Committee, and Dai Fang, Assistant to the District Committee Chairperson and Deputy Chairman of the Xuhui Branch of the Jiaotong University Committee. Lingzhi Technology Co., Ltd. visited and exchanged.

Shanghai Lingzhi Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of service robot products and providing related information and services. The company has always been committed to research and exploration in the direction of artificial intelligence. Lingzhi Technology’s main products include robots, images and face recognition equipment, etc., which have been widely used in the fields of smart life, robots, and smart cars.

Company leaders lead everyone to visit the showroom

The visiting guests first visited the office area of Lingzhi Technology, and then the company leaders led everyone to visit the company’s exhibition hall, introducing face recognition door locks, access control, gates, disinfection robots and other products one by one. After that, I answered the questions of the guests one by one, and guided them to have a close interaction with Lingzhi Robot, which made people understand the products of Lingzhi Technology more clearly, which drove the atmosphere of the scene and won unanimous praise from everyone.

The artificial intelligence industry is currently in a period of rapid development. Machine vision occupies an important position among them, playing a great role in solving various practical problems, and there will be more room for further development in the future. In the field of machine vision research, Lingzhi Technology not only has advanced recognition technology, but also has strong engineering capabilities relying on years of technical accumulation. The face recognition equipment developed and produced by the company performs accurate recognition through feature extraction, classification learning, and information fusion of the image information obtained by the visual sensor, which not only brings convenience to people’s lives, but also guarantees safety.


Vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilization robot

Look, our disinfection robot, with its simple and cute appearance, is full of cuteness, and once again successfully captured the hearts of the people present. Static energy is not easy, and kinetic energy goes to battle to kill the “enemy”, but it is not the “vase” in your eyes.

Using laser navigation technology, use laser radar to obtain surrounding environment information.

Establish a two-dimensional plan, plan the path and navigate according to the coordinates.

Automatic obstacle avoidance, able to overcome protrusions within 10mm or ravines of 15mm.

Complete coverage, efficient jetting, automatic movement, flexible maneuverability. 


After the visit, members of the China Democratic National Construction Association had a discussion and exchange with representatives of Lingzhi Technology. The general manager of Lingzhi Technology introduced the company’s development history and the research and development results and application scenarios in the field of artificial intelligence solutions in detail. The chairman of the company, Professor Su Jianbo, shared his experience and insights in the development of artificial intelligence for more than 30 years, which triggered in-depth discussions on the future development of the artificial intelligence industry and high-tech enterprises. Finally, Deputy Secretary-General Song Yuntang interpreted the “Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Development of the New Generation of Artificial Intelligence Industry in Minhang District” one by one, and provided ideas and suggestions for scientific and technological innovation enterprises to better fit their actual development.

The exchange meeting has ended, but our progress has never stopped! In the future, Lingzhi will continue to carry forward the corporate cultural spirit of “pursuing excellence, courage to take responsibility, and unremitting exploration”, and strive for excellence. Pioneering and innovative in the artificial intelligence industry, constantly seeking new breakthroughs.