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From May 10 to May 12, 2018, the “2018 Global Artificial Intelligence Product Application Expo” was successfully held at the Suzhou International Expo Center. The exhibition not only popularized the close connection between artificial intelligence and human life, but also promoted the large-scale development of the artificial intelligence industry.

This exhibition focused on displaying a series of artificial intelligence application products such as smart home robots, face recognition locks, access control, etc. Under the influence of artificial intelligence, the scene was hot and the scene continued to heat up in the past few days, and all the guests at the scene enjoyed it The warmth guarantee of artificial intelligence.

Since the birth of artificial intelligence, the theory and technology have become increasingly mature, and the field of application has continued to expand. Through the fanatical effect of this event, it can be envisaged that the technological products brought by artificial intelligence in the future will play a huge potential in the development of the Chinese market.

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