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Lingzhi Technology completed the pre-A round of financing, and its independent edge algorithm helped it open up the AI application market

Yiou learned that Shanghai Lingzhi Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Lingzhi Technology”), which is committed to the field of artificial intelligence solutions, has recently received a Pre-A round of financing invested by Taihao Capital, with a financing amount exceeding 10 million. According to Zhang Kejun, CEO of Lingzhi Technology, the financing will be used to promote and improve the mass production of core vision processing modules and the expansion of industrial application mass production, provide solutions to match algorithms with electronic machinery, and strive to broaden the application areas of the solutions .

Lingzhi Technology was established in 2016 and is located in Zizhu Science Park, Minhang District, Shanghai. It is an artificial intelligence solution provider focusing on the field of computer recognition. While providing customers with overall solutions and follow-up services including hardware and software, it also cooperates with companies to empower traditional products with advanced computer vision recognition AI technology.


The visual recognition technology of autonomous edge algorithm is the core advantage

According to a reporter from Yiouwang, at present, the computer vision recognition AI technology developed by Lingzhi Technology based on the autonomous edge algorithm-Lingzhi smart learning algorithm has landed in industries including smart living and AI-assisted medical care. Currently, Lingzhi Technology is entering the field of unmanned driving in the automotive industry. There are not a few companies that provide computer vision recognition technology to empower products. What are the advantages of Lingzhi Technology? How to attract investors’ attention?



In this regard, Zhang Kejun said that Lingzhi Technology’s artificial intelligence research and development history is the earliest among all Chinese AI technology companies. Lingzhi Technology has started artificial intelligence research in 1998 and has completed research on 5000 face recognition algorithms, 7 emotion recognition algorithms, 10 intention recognition algorithms, and 30 object recognition algorithms. In March 2017, the Lingzhi Edge Algorithm Framework LAF2.0 (Smart Learning Algorithm) has been applied.

The advantage of Lingzhi Technology’s computer vision recognition AI technology lies in the company’s smart learning algorithm. Smart learning algorithms belong to edge learning algorithms, occupying only 5% of general deep learning algorithms in computing resources, and enabling products have lower hardware cost requirements, which can effectively reduce costs and improve cost performance.

At the same time, Lingzhi Technology’s computer recognizes that AI technology does not require networking, and it also ensures the safety, stability, and immediacy of the empowered products. In scenarios where customers have special requirements for product stability and information confidentiality, edge algorithm-based identification technology has unique advantages.

So why do investors look at Lingzhi Technology? Yiou interviewed Li Yunhai, an investor of Taihao Capital, on this question. Li Yunhai replied, “Smart algorithms, that is, edge algorithms, will be the mainstream trend of AI algorithms in the future. And Lingzhi Technology has a strong accumulation of artificial intelligence technology. For example, Lingzhi Technology’s edge algorithms are already in technology. Iterated.”


Respond quickly, solve first, empower later

In terms of the empowerment and promotion of autonomous algorithm computer recognition technology, Lingzhi Technology has always adopted a model that first proposes solutions and follow-up services to solve customer problems, and then achieves product artificial intelligence empowerment upgrade cooperation model. When a customer faces a problem that cannot be solved by existing technology and has a demand for Lingzhi Technology, Lingzhi Technology can use its own advantages in artificial intelligence technology to provide solutions. Based on the good cooperation between the two parties, Lingzhi Technology will provide it with artificial intelligence empowerment solutions to further achieve the cooperation of product intelligence upgrade.

Adopting such a strategy to open up the market often requires a process of word-of-mouth fermentation. There are not a few service providers that provide solutions. In addition to having good technical advantages, what advantages does Lingzhi Technology have?

Regarding this issue, Zhang Kejun told the Yiouwang reporter: “In this case, our pursuit is just one sentence,’The world of martial arts, only fast is not broken.’ Our actions are very fast.” Zhang Kejun revealed that from the customer’s request to the spirit to technology Solution, the response speed is generally 1/3 to 1/2 of the industry. And the plan given is not a document on paper, but to provide a prototype to the other company.

Zhang Kejun believes that the aspect of quick response and timely provision of professional solutions actually reflects the comprehensive quality of the team provided by Lingzhi Technology Solutions. The overall quality and personnel composition are often inseparable. The more than 10 members of the team provided by this program are basically from Fortune 500 companies. These include those who have work experience in a large international design company, as well as those who have done many mass production projects. They have their own unique vision of how to design a good product. They can know the real needs of product customers. When customers cannot fully express their true needs, but you can directly make a complete and specific plan, your success is very natural.

At the same time, Lingzhi Technology has corresponding classifications for customers seeking solutions, and the advantage of classification is that it can deepen the service. At present, it is basically divided into several categories: smart living, service robots, and automobile fields. Smart Life includes cooperation in face recognition, intention recognition, and behavior recognition; the robot part is cooperation in computer AI recognition based on dexterous learning algorithms; it is currently advancing in the automotive field, and it will be advanced in more fields in the future. The classification of customers seeking solutions here is compatible with the classification of fields that enable cooperation.

Zhang Kejun said at the end: “Lingzhi Technology’s vision is to be the most grounded artificial intelligence solution provider, empowering the industry and providing help in all aspects of people’s lives. I hope that through the opportunity of media exposure, we can find more channels or integrate into it in the future. More capital, so although the Pre-A round has just ended, Lingzhi Technology is willing to start the next round as soon as possible.

Reprinted from, reporter Gao Haoyuan