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Lingzhi technology appeared in the world artificial intelligence conference, black technology triggered strong repercussions

A few days ago, the three-day 2019 world artificial intelligence conference came to an end in Shanghai. A large number of AI leading enterprises from all over the world gathered at the world artificial intelligence conference, and more than 80000 professionals from more than 60 countries gathered together to deeply discuss and exchange the current cutting-edge AI technology. Lingzhi technology was also invited to attend the conference with a series of new products, which attracted wide attention of the participants.

Black tech No.1
Walk out of the “silent world” and help the deaf mute social barrier free environment

It has been reported that when a middle-aged deaf mute man went to the tax hall in Huangshi, Hubei Province, due to difficulties in communication, tax officials could only communicate with him through paper and pen. In fact, in hospitals, banks, convenience service centers and other public places, due to the lack of sign language translation help, deaf mute communication problems have always existed. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 20 million deaf mute people in China. In many cases, these deaf mute friends may encounter problems when they go out, but they can’t find help. Take the deaf mute as an example. Hospitals that can provide sign language services generally have a relatively fixed one or two days a week to provide services. Because of the difficulty of communication, more than a dozen doctors and nurses are often sent to see a doctor each time.
However, in order to solve the communication problems of deaf and dumb people, the popularization of sign language service is time-consuming and labor-consuming, and it is difficult to be widely promoted. The silent world needs a tool to better and more effectively communicate with the voice world.
At this conference, lingzhi officially launched such a brand-new service robot product sign language robot. This is the first product with sign language recognition function in the industry, which can be widely used in hospitals, banks, convenience service centers and other scenes to provide services for those in need, especially the deaf and dumb groups.


Three characteristics of sign language robot

Sign language recognition is not affected by the surrounding environment factors (such as background, light)
Sign language recognition is not affected by skin color and clothing
It can continue to work in case of power failure and power failure

This sign language robot not only supports multiple versions of sign language recognition, but also has a recognition rate of over 92%. Therefore, its birth provides great convenience for the deaf mute group, can help them communicate with people more freely and barrier free, effectively reduce the service cost, improve the service efficiency, and truly take care of more such groups in need of help.

At the conference site, 50 robots have completed the contract signing on the spot, which will be applied in the deaf clinic service of the national Class-A hospitals.


Black tech No.2
Lingzhi vision solutions to create a “safe and smart community”

As a new mode of social management, smart community is a new concept of community management. Smart community makes full use of the Internet and Internet of things to conduct digital management and control of intelligent buildings, smart home, community monitoring and other fields as a whole, so as to provide community residents with more intelligent and information-based convenient services.

In fact, there are many dead corners of safety problems in the current community management, such as “suspicious personnel flow”, “illegal operation of stalls”, “illegal occupation of roads by motor vehicles and non motor vehicles”, “illegal air drying or captive animals in public areas”, “fire hazards” and other problems often appear in news reports, which not only affect residents’ lives, but also may cause negative effects Necessary property loss, even in serious cases, personal safety accidents will occur. However, to strengthen community security requires a lot of manpower and energy, which is very difficult, and even if the investment is increased, the improvement of community security is still facing great challenges.

During the conference, lingzhi demonstrated a series of visual solutions for community safety problems in an all-round way, forming a complete application system from software + hardware.
Taking community access security as an example, compared with the traditional card + manual access control mode, lingzhi technology applies its own face recognition technology to community security, “face brushing” can automatically open the door, which is safe and convenient. In addition to access control management, lingzhi’s passenger video cameras, perimeter cameras and other visual products add another important guarantee for community security. Combining the community monitoring, corridor monitoring and access control management, the abnormal behavior of the surrounding environment and pedestrians can be automatically identified and the linkage alarm can be realized through the Lingzhi algorithm.



Lingzhi technology smart community products

Pole / wall mounted face recognition equipment

Unlock mode: support face, QR code, swipe card, ID card, etc
Function introduction: attendance system, visitor management system, data statistics, dynamic advertising access, access time management, etc

Fl08 face recognition lock
Unlock mode: support face, IC card, password, mobile phone QR code, mechanical key, etc

Function introduction:
Wide angle camera: can identify users of different heights
Infrared + image acquisition dual camera: it can lock normally in dark

Passenger flow camera
Function introduction: effectively identify the number of people in and out, and make statistics on the flow of people in the community (it can play a greater role in the environment of shops, etc.)

Perimeter camera
Function introduction: monitor the designated area, capture specific and abnormal behaviors, and linkage background alarm

The core advantage of Lingzhi smart community solution is that, through face recognition, object detection, abnormal behavior recognition and special vehicle recognition and other machine vision edge algorithms, automatic monitoring can be carried out from the internal environment of the building to the internal environment of the community and then to the surrounding environment of the community. It only needs low cost and low power consumption to build a safe and intelligent community. In this way, through the artificial intelligence technology to solve the community security problems, not only improves the residents’ sense of happiness, but also liberates the artificial security forces to a certain extent. While improving the community management ability, the community management is more safe and orderly, and the community service level and the overall security have been greatly improved.


Lingzhihei Technology
Starting from the needs of users, focusing on people-oriented services

From sign language robots to smart community solutions, lingzhi always starts from the needs of users and uses its own technology to connect AI and users more intelligently. The power of Lingzhi comes from the deep cognition of market demand and user experience, and the final solution of Lingzhi is to improve people’s life happiness and let artificial intelligence really come to people’s side.

In fact, since its establishment, lingzhi technology has been committed to serving thousands of households with artificial intelligence products, which is the mission of Lingzhi technology to pursue excellence, be brave in taking responsibility and build the future world with artificial intelligence. Through the 2019 World Conference on artificial intelligence, we can see the implementation plans of many AI innovative products in education, medical care, industry, urban management, finance, 5g and other industries. In the future, lingzhi will continue to be committed to technological innovation, dig deep into product application scenarios, and benefit the majority of users by promoting the implementation of technology.