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Let artificial intelligence speed up the operation of the city, the Lingzhi Jinqiao pilot project has been widely praised by the society

General Secretary Xi Jinping put forward at the CIIE last year: “First-class cities must have first-class governance, focus on scientific, refined, and intelligent, and be good at using modern technology to achieve intelligence and improve the level of refinement.” Under the guidance of this policy, Lingzhi Technology has a unique vision, combined with the original technology of edge algorithm, focusing on the phenomenon of “ten chaos and one super” encountered in urban management, and worked hand in hand with Jinqiao Town to solve the problem and achieved initial results. , And has been highly recognized by relevant departments and society.

On the afternoon of October 18th, Zhou Hanmin, vice chairman of the Central Committee of the China Democratic National Construction Association, vice chairman of the Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, and chairman of the Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Democratic National Construction Association, specially led a delegation to the Pudong New Area Urban Operation Comprehensive Management Jinqiao Sub-center for comprehensive management of the Lingzhi Jinqiao Project To conduct research on the application. Zhou Hanmin said that the successful pilot of Lingzhi Technology in this project has shown broad prospects for the development and application of artificial intelligence in urban operations.

Edge algorithm framework, personalized module development

Lingzhi’s Golden Bridge pilot project is an upgrade on the basis of the original 1.0 standard version of the integrated intelligent management platform for streets and towns. Through extensive research and relying on the advantages of its own algorithm, Lingzhi effectively combined the reality of Jinqiao Town, and carried out personalized module development around the key area of urban chaos.

In the research and development process, Lingzhi uses the Lingzhi edge algorithm of deep convolutional network-LAF1.0 to build a framework, and focuses on the “ten chaos and one super” that has long troubled urban management. Random parking, random parking of non-motor vehicles, random drying, random stacking, random occupation of roads, random suspension, random construction, random dumping, random placement of billboards, superstore management) to carry out technical research and successfully realize intelligent discovery and intelligence A series of functions such as order dispatching, intelligent processing and intelligent research and judgment.

At present, the system is operating well and has effectively solved the problems of difficulty in obtaining evidence for urban management law enforcement, lack of manpower, difficulty in obtaining evidence at night and difficulty in law enforcement, etc., which has greatly improved the urban appearance of Jinqiao Town.


Real-time video analysis, regional intelligent monitoring

During the investigation, Zhou Hanmin and his entourage learned in detail about the project background, overall design and construction content of the artificial intelligence-based urban management platform, and watched the entire process from discovery, identification, alarm, to order dispatch and disposal in Jinqiao Town through the city’s comprehensive management and control platform. Intelligent management process.

After summarizing the real-time images of various surveillance cameras in Jinqiao Town on the information screen of the comprehensive management of urban operation, Lingzhi can immediately use artificial intelligence video analysis technology to intelligently monitor key areas and achieve 24-hour monitoring of the “ten chaos and one super” “Urban management violations are intelligently identified, intelligently warned, tasks are intelligently dispatched, and law enforcement cases are handled quickly.

At present, on the large screen of the operation center, the information alarms from Lingzhi Technology’s artificial intelligence recognition are far more numerous, more accurate and timely than manual reports, allowing city managers to have more time and energy to invest in city operations All aspects of management.


Artificial intelligence makes life better

Zhou Hanmin highly affirmed Lingzhi’s practice of improving social service capabilities through technical responsibility. The research team said that in the original artificial intelligence edge computing visual framework of Lingzhi Technology, its deep learning ability in the correction of city appearance is impressive. At the same time, the 24-hour artificial intelligence on duty, the accuracy of logical prediction, and the integration with the integrated information display platform of the existing urban transportation center, are deeply integrated into the urban operation management system to eliminate the blind spots and blind areas in the city appearance and rectification. Has a positive demonstration significance.

Zhou Hanmin pointed out that the Shanghai Municipal Committee of the China Democratic National Construction Association is very concerned about artificial intelligence, especially the application of artificial intelligence in the comprehensive management of urban operations. The use of artificial intelligence by government departments can refine, decompose and optimize complex systems, greatly improve the comprehensive governance capabilities of government departments, greatly enhance the coordination of various departments, achieve effective resource coordination, and greatly improve disposal efficiency. The use of artificial intelligence can also help reduce crime rates, reduce uncivilized phenomena, and improve social welfare.

“(Lingzhi Technology) Professor Su Jianbo’s years of scientific research results have been successfully piloted in practical applications, which gives us full confidence in the broad prospects of the development and application of artificial intelligence.” Lingzhi’s service experience improvement for key gaps can effectively solve the “ten The occurrence of problems such as “chaos and super” can effectively replace the traditional and inefficient manual inspection methods through the further deep learning of artificial intelligence, and gradually solve the accidental and individual hidden dangers in the lives of more residents, such as the uncivilized The restraint and guidance of behavior, the anticipation of signs that affect the appearance of the city, etc. Artificial intelligence makes human life better.

Zhou Hanmin and his entourage pointed out that at this moment, China is committed to achieving high-quality development. The development and application of artificial intelligence will effectively improve the level of intelligence in economic and social development, and effectively enhance public services and urban management capabilities.

The successful landing of Lingzhi’s Jinqiao project will fill the “blank” of artificial intelligence in the field of streets and towns in the construction of smart cities. For the overall management of urban and rural areas, the blind areas of management at the street and township levels, the rigid needs of personalized management, and the urban and rural areas The cracking of difficult problems such as the management of the joint department will play a positive role in promoting.