Customer Cases

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Customer Cases
Safe Community
  • Office Building
  • High-end Residential Community
  • Smart Retrofitting of Older Communities

LINGZHI offers Face Recognition Access Control and Face Recognition Turnstile and other equipment for office buildings to prevent illegal entrance/exiting in a more intelligent way, bringing major convenience to your work, life and travel, upgrading your security level and management model.

LINGZHI provides high-end residential communities with equipment that requires ID Card + Face Matching for access, and achieves auto alarm report by interfacing with police station platforms in real time via wireless network, and combining it with the Access Control System, Video Surveillance System and Alarm System. In addition, information of people passing through can also be collected and compared in the back-end system, serving as a technical support for the local public security agencies, to prevent illegal access and effectively raising community security level.

LINGZHI offers smart retrofitting solutions for various old residential communities. With the help of the ID Card + Face Matching equipment, access management can be made more intelligent, and illegal access can be avoided, leading to improvement on the living environment and safety of the community.

Smart Home
  • Residential Community

LINGZHI provides a complete set of intelligent solutions to create a smart home for customers, which not only raises standards of living, but also brings convenience to life. Grasp the dynamics in your home in real time via Face Recognition Lock, Smart Gateway, Multifunction Scene Switch, Voice Control Panel, Smart Curtain, Smart Security System and other equipment, and add comfort to your life and inject your home with technology.

Smart Street
  • Shanghai Pudong Jinqiao Town Pilot Project

Jinqiao Pilot Project is an upgrade on the basis of the standard version of the original Street and Town Intelligent Management Integrated Platform V1.0. By using an Edge Detection Algorithm Framework LAF1.0 that utilizes Convolutional Neural Network, LINGZHI tackles the issues of chaotic cityscape, the “Ten Chaos and One Excess” from a technical angle (i.e. ten chaos in street vending, parking of motor/non-motor vehicles, hanging & drying of clothes, stacking of goods, occupying of lanes, hanging of objects, illegal structures, littering, and illegal placing of advertisement stands; and one excess for the illegal extension of storefront) that have long troubled urban management, and has successfully achieved a series of functions (e.g. intelligent discovery, intelligent assignment, intelligent handling and intelligent analysis) that have effectively solved the difficulties in evidence gathering, insufficient manpower, night evidence gathering and enforcement by urban management agents, drastically improving the cityscape in Jinqiao Town.