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A Quality Team Built on Production/Teaching/Research
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Loads of Benefits

  • Multiple safeguards, assuring your experience
    Five insurances and one pension, with annual medical examination to protect you along the journey
  • Three meals and tea, soothing and caring
    Monthly allowance for meals and drinks, with incessant tea beverage for your satisfaction
  • Never alone on holidays and birthdays
    Various festival gifts and warming birthday parties to accompany your moments
  • Annual leave with pay that increases every year
    Annual leave with pay once employed, and extendable after one year.
  • Give your best and reap awards
    Various generous bonuses, two salary adjustments each year, come prove your value
  • Enjoy life, embrace happiness
    Annual tours, fancy group activities to take you around the world

Happiness in Lingzhi

Talent Development

Dual Development Channel, Customizable Cultivation

  • Young Eagle Project
    Cultivates new college student employees who are motivated, wiling to learn and practice, positive and enterprising, to become technical backbone of the department
  • Elite Eagle Project
    Cultivates employees with strong technical characteristics in cutting-edge technology, to become technical experts that can take charge of certain areas and control technical aspect of the company
  • Flying Eagle Project
    Cultivates experienced technical backbone employees with management skills on both technology and management, to become heads of functional departments
  • Grand Eagle Project
    Cultivates middle management personnel strategically, to become higher management and talents that can assume responsibility in management or technical aspect.