Home Service Robot

Voice Interaction, Trouble Mitigation
Give voice commands to the smart home robot to easily interact with various devices in your home.
Technical Advantages
  • Perceived environment changes
  • Detect anomalies
  • Voice Interaction
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Auto navigation
  • Auto charging
  • Leisure entertainment
Smart Control, Any Time

Voice control all the smart devices at home, and say goodbye to your phone, remote control and all the fuss.

Security and Safety, In Every Aspects

Can perceive changes in the ambient environment and detect abnormalities at home such as fire hazards and gas leaks.

  • IR Sensor

  • Humidity/Temperature Sensor

  • Smoke Detector

Accurate Pinpointing, Thoughtful Service

Can pinpoint the accurate whereabout of the owner and shield ambient voices to precisely identify your voice commands.

Remote Control, Anytime Anywhere

Can detect intrusion and object loss and report to the police; support remote control via mobile phone or other devices.

Auto navigation, Auto charging

Equipped with an auto re-charge guiding system, which can auto navigate to the charging dock to complete autonomous charging when the power runs below 20% and notifies for recharge.

Various Colors, Your Choice

Application Scenarios