RC35ProIntelligent Chassis

Total Upgrade, Destined for Extraordinary
Capable of autonomous intelligent mapping, navigation and other functions. Mountable on various robots. Customizable based on customer requirements.
Technological Advantages
  • Laser + Optical Dual Navigation
  • 6.5 inch Drive Wheels
  • Ultra-silent
  • Enduring Battery
  • 8/16G RAM
  • 128G Super Large Hard Drive
  • Customizable Development
  • Auto Charging
Dual Navigation, Secure Solution

Support dual navigation via Laser + Optical sensors, making for a more optimized and secure navigation.

Work of Dedication, Quiet in Operation

Super silent chassis that runs at an overall noise level at less than 35dB.

Smart Navigation, Auto Mapping

Utilizes SLAM navigation technology that is suitable for various scenarios. Special scenarios, special optimization.

  • Path planning for rail transits
  • path planning for classrooms
Low Power, Long Lasting

Large capacity battery to meet different customer needs. Support battery up to 24V90Ah.

Powerful, Durable, Eco-friendly

6.5 inch driving wheels that provide strong power and stability of the chassis, making for excellent passage.

Better Hardware, Better Outcome

Higher hardware configurations to provide unceasing power to the chassis to meet various customer needs.

  • 8/16G RAM
  • 128G Super Large Hard Drive
Auto Charging, Less Worrying

The robot chassis can automatically return to the charging dock for recharge when battery runs low.

Remote Monitoring, Cloud Managing

Remote control of movement data and management over the cloud via tablet. Your robot status? The Cloud knows.

Customization, adaptation

Provide technical support and customization development, perfectly adaptable for different products.

Application Scenarios