FL03Face Recognition Door Lock

Quick unlock No waiting
Fast recognition, unlock at only 0.5s. Equipped with self-learning capability (child recognition), and effectively protect user privacy. Good appearance! High performance!
Technological Advantages
  • Face Recognition
  • Child Recognition
  • Body Detection
  • Door Bell
  • Voice Recorder
  • Dedicated APP
  • Alarm Monitoring
  • Access Record
  • Virtual Password
  • Child Lock
  • IC Card
  • Anti-prying Alarm
Child lock structure,
All-around safeguard

Press the child lock button to prevent children from accidentally opening the door and prevent thieves from picking the lock using tools through the peephole.

Instant open, by all height

By adopting an industry-unique face tracking and collection technology, the camera can rotate based on the user’s height and track faces for recognition. No more bending for adults, and no more tiptoeing for kids.

Anti-jamming, Anti-collision, Anti-prying

Capable of shielding against strong magnetic field and resistance against black box (tesla coil). Adopts high-security anti-theft lock cylinder that greatly hinders lock-picking.

Inside lock, safe & secure.

Mechanical lock from the inside that protects your privacy from outside interference.

Virtual password, peeping proof

Support a 11-digits virtual password to prevent others from peeking your password.

Remote authorization, anytime anywhere

Generate a temporary unlock key online that can be sent to families or friends for unlock.

Backend data, clear overview

Door access/abnormalities information and photos are automatically sent to administrator’s mobile phone for real-time control and one-key inquiry.

Exquisite craftsmanship, ingenious design

Use a full stainless-steel lock body and a solid internal mechanical structure, which is both saw-proof and impact-proof.

Application Scenarios