Face recognition gate

The face recognition camera collects information of people passing through the turnstile and compares with system data in real time to achieve intelligent passage control and management.
Technological Advantages
  • Support multiple access methods
  • optional waterproof,Dustproof function
  • Equipped with an intelligent management system
  • Protects user privacy effectively
  • Offers customization service
Deep learning, convenient and time-saving

Fast recognition and time saving with unique self-learning edge detection algorism for face recognition.

Wide FOV, accurate recognition

6P full-glass camera that overcomes backlight and night time, has a large field of view (FOV) and accurate recognition.

Excellent materials, exquisite craftsmanship

The body is made of high-quality stainless steel, durable and rust-resistant.

Visitor access, safe and convenient

The owner can generate a temporary QR code which visitors can receive and use for scan for access. Easy but secure.

Technical support, specialized customization

Supports customization based on user requirements, aiming to build a customized face recognition turnstile device that is more intelligent, convenient and technological.

FL07-1 Cylindrical gate
Free rotation, flexible detection

Rotates freely left and right to scan at various angles for face recognition. Convenient and hassle-free.

FL07-3 Horizontal gate
Conveniently Compact, Extraordinary Experience

Lightweight and compact, perfectly integrated into the turnstile.

Application Scenarios