FL09SFace Recognition Door Lock

Life of technology, era of face recognition
The overall structure is designed in the principle of engineering mechanics, and the unlocking is achieved via contactless face recognition, making for a more comfortable user experience.
Technological Advantages
  • Face Recognition
  • Child Recognition
  • Body Detection
  • Door Bell
  • Voice Recorder
  • Dedicated APP
  • Alarm Monitoring
  • Access Record
  • Virtual Password
  • Child Lock
  • IC Card
  • Anti-prying Alarm
Refined in and out, doubling security

Full-metal unibody CNC panel on the outside, and packed with functionalities on the inside. A good vessel that houses an interesting soul.

Grade-C lock cylinder, hardcore safety

Grade C real mortise lock that adopts the highest national standards and guards your safety every moment.

Anti-prying alarm, safeguard all around

When opened by force, the lock automatically triggers alarm to ensure safety. In addition, it is resistant to electromagnetic interference and immune to black box (tesla coil) attack.

Realtime management, clear overview

Each door lock can interact with backend data via LAN to enable a clear view of various data on the management backend system and control of real-time access information.

Sturdy structure, ease use

All stainless-steel lock body and sturdy internal mechanical structure. An attentive butler to guard for you.

Application Scenarios