FL15Smart Access Control

Edge detection algorithm, efficient recognition
Adopts a self-learning edge detection algorithm for face recognition that can produce a higher recognition rate, but also resolve issues such as leaving-behind ID or falsification of ID. The product can be applied in a variety of scenarios such as office buildings, residential communities, schools and shopping malls, to achieve intelligent security control.
Technological Advantages
  • Supports multiple opening methods
  • Equipped with an intelligent management system
  • Offers customization service
  • Local self-learning of face recognition and live-object detection
  • Recognition Success Rate at 99.99%
  • Recognition Speed within 1s
  • Backlight and night time compatibility
  • Self-learning edge detection algorithm for face recognition
Slim body, better experience

The overall thickness of the machine is only 17mm, the ultra-thinnest in the industry, a combination of appearance and performance.

Precise Recognition, Fast Face Detection

Recognition success rate at 99.99%
Recognition speed only at 1s
Supports database of up to 10,000 faces

Backlight resistance, night-time compatibility

6P full-glass camera that overcomes backlight and night time, and outputs excellent samples for face recognition.

Stable operation, high performance

Utilizes a self-developed motherboard that runs at higher performance, stability and durability.

High-speed fan, fast heat dissipation

Built-in 10,000-rpm high-speed fan that can dissipate heat quickly and ensure stable operation of equipment.

Separate casing, easy installation

The equipment adopts separate casing that can be assembled in one piece. The human-centered design makes the operation simpler.

Multiple installation, free choice

Support three types of installation, suitable for turnstile stand, wall-mounted and wall-mounted revolving installations.

One-key export, attendance management

Online and offline versions can both generate attendance records which can be one-key exported.

Technical support, specialized customization

Supports customization, such as: company logo implanting, corporate culture publicity, and employee birthday wishes.

Application Scenarios