Intelligent Video Analysis System

Let AI Speed Up City Operations
The application of LINGZHI’s Intelligent Video Analysis System in city operation and management can help break down, reconstruct and optimize such complex management to improve the management capability of the governing department, exert effective control of resources, drastically improve handling efficiency, and eradicate blind spots in the cityscape maintenance.
System Framework

System Overview

By establishing an AI intelligent video analysis platform, and utilizing Internet of Things, big data and other advanced technology, to create a system solution for cityscape governance, smart street retrofitting, community comprehensive management, making it the important assistant in city’s fine management.

System Functions

  • Intelligent Discovery
    Dynamically identify and intelligently alert various illegal or violation behavior in key areas, and continuously improve the alert model, to form a reusable, configurable and self-upgradable intelligent video analysis system.
  • Intelligent Assignment
    The system automatically assigns tasks to the nearest region for disposal based on the region classification and assignee responsibilities, and immediately report to the City Operation Center to achieve comprehensive supervision of the matter.
  • Intelligent Handling
    On-site handling personnel can, after receiving the alert in the smart terminal, based on the site video captures and geolocation, determine the situation in one single click and dispose the matter, then one-key verify the disposal result to upload for review. The system can compare the information in the back-end and intelligently verify based on the timing, to truly achieve active discovery, quick disposal and timely report.
  • Intelligent Analysis
    Provide a visualized analysis via bid data, of case discovery rate, disposal result, occurrence of cases of the same type, staff daily inspection frequency and so on, to further improve management efficiency.
Comprehensive Management Platform
  • Visualized large data screen
    Intelligent monitoring over key areas via the large screen with visualized data, to achieve 24H intelligent discovery, early warning, task assigning and quick disposal of illegal or violation behavior.
  • Deep learning algorithm
    The edge detection algorithm self-developed by LINGZHI can improve the efficiency of video recognition, analyze images to identify specific objects and detect violations based on behavior analysis algorithm, then provide early warning according to the trigger conditions.

Application Scenarios