Whole-House Intelligent System
Standard Protocol: zigbee、wifi、BLE、RS485、Modbus、KNX、CSS;
Third-party protocol: interface with police station, property management, public housing

Intelligent Control Center

Through smart devices like smart gateway, scene switch and voice assistant, users can set up a linkage with switches, security system, lighting system, multimedia and other systems to easily customize their own smart life.
  • Type 86 Gateway - White
  • Type 86 Gateway - Gray
  • Type 86 Gateway - Golden
  • Full screen

Intelligent Security System

Home Security Management is the most important smart home function for users. With this system, users can be notified on any danger at home while they are away and choose to report to the police; or the elder who encounter emergency while alone at home can use it to call for help, so that their families can rest assured.
  • S2 Camera - White
  • S2 Camera - Gray
  • Door Sensor
  • Gas Sensor
  • Audible Alarm
  • Emergency Button Switch - Gold
  • Emergency Button Switch - White
  • Emergency Button Switch - Gray
  • Body Sensor - White
    (Type 86 In-wall)
  • Body Sensor - Gold
    (Type 86 In-wall)
  • Body Sensor
    (After Loading)
  • Flood Detector
  • Smoke sensor

Energy Management System

Smart Energy Management can achieve central management of electricity consumption to avoid energy waste. Through smart sockets, smart air switches and other devices, you can easily manage home appliances, remotely view and centrally manage ON/OFF status of appliances in real time.
  • 10A Smart Socket (USB) - White
  • 10A Smart Socket (Metering) - White
  • 16A Smart Socket (Metering Infrared) - White
  • 10A Smart Socket (USB) - Gold
  • 10A Smart Socket (Metering) - Gold
  • 16A Smart Socket (Metering Infrared) - Gold

HVAC System

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning are importance factors that affect indoor environment. Through the AC control box, central AC control panel and other smart devices, equipment such as AC, floor heating, air purifiers can be remotely controlled, switched between scenes and timed, so that the ambient temperature, the humidity and the air can be regulated at a comfortable level.
  • Full screen
  • Environmental detection panel (CO+ Natural Gas + White)
  • Environmental detection panel (CO+ Natural Gas + Gray)
  • Environmental detection panel (CO+ Natural Gas + Gold)
  • Environmental detection panel (PM2.5+ CO2+ Temperature and Humidity + White)
  • Environmental detection panel (PM2.5+ CO2+ Temperature and Humidity + Gray)
  • Environmental detection panel (PM2.5+ CO2+ Temperature and Humidity + Gold)

Intelligent Lighting System

Lighting Adjustment is the most significant function in everyday home. The system can auto turn ON/OFF lights and regulate their brightness and colors for various home occasions. Functions mainly include: one-key scene control, RGB color adjustment, remote lighting, timed lighting, auto ON/OFF, etc.
  • DLT Dimmer Switch - White
  • DLT Dimmer Switch - Gray
  • DLT Dimmer Switch - Gold
  • Two Position Switch - White
  • Two Position Switch - Gray
  • Two Position Switch - Gold
  • Three Position Switch - White
  • Three Position Switch - Gray
  • Three Position Switch - Gold
  • One Position Switch - Gold